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Why can't I take my knitting needles on aeroplanes

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NanaChrissie Sat 05-May-12 12:21:31

Hi All Please look at Knitting Forum also. A few comments have already been posted regarding offensive weapons that we wear/carry with us. I had in fact forgotten about loose change which can be put in a sock and used as a cosh. Although I am sure that a trained terrorist would be laughing his head off - he will probably have more sophisticated and inventive means to hijack a plane. I intend to lobby Aviation Authorities. It may well be that we will have to start travelling naked or in an airline orange all in one. Why do I do this. It is one of the very few times that I can actually pick up my needles. Cannot even access GN - which I have only recently joined. Thank you for reading this.

gramps Sat 05-May-12 20:50:15

Well dear Lady, you certainly have a "point"!!

NanaChrissie Sat 05-May-12 21:47:35

hi gramps. They say the old ones are the best ones! smile

gramps Sun 06-May-12 22:10:24

Thank you NanaChrissie.I'm 80, Does that make me old enough? lol

Ariadne Mon 07-May-12 11:22:32

However innocent you may look, and indeed be, knitting needles could be used to attack someone. It's only sensible to avert such a situation for the sake of everyone, even if you can't do what you personally want to do. Simple.

Lizzylou Fri 11-May-12 13:06:32

I agree 100% with Ariadne. Knitting needles could be a threat to people's safety. I personally would rather not fly with an airline who allows such things to be carried on board. I don't think there is enough room on a plane to knit anyway :0)

Ariadne Fri 11-May-12 19:07:43

Thank you, Lizzylou! It is simple, isn't it?

NanaChrissie Sat 12-May-12 21:22:58

Now underpants are dangerous! At least wooden knitting needles and crochet hooks are overt - particularly if the part made garment is also attached to them. Wonder if many terrorists have learned how to knit Aran patterns in order to avert suspicion.