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In thinking when you place an appointment

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glassortwo Wed 18-Jul-12 10:34:22

In thinking when you place an appointment with the receptionist at the Dr's and having had a full conversation about GS symptoms and relay to her the visits to Hospital and xrays over the last few days that she might remember to actually book the appointment into the system! But no seems she didn't bother so I have dragged a 6yr old to the surgery wasted fuel and time to find no appointment had been place... the only time she can accommodate me is 4.20 when I will then have to drag two GC back angry

Nonu Wed 18-Jul-12 10:46:08

Infuriating .

gracesmum Wed 18-Jul-12 10:46:17

LIke when DH and I (with flu) struggled down to London 4 weeks ago for hisoitl appointment only to be told blithely it had been changed to October and they had sent a letter, to which I replied that while it might have been generated it had not arrived and maybe when appointments are changed either the patient or the clinic could confirm by phone/text/email??
£50+ down and feeling like death I am sure it set me back a week!!!

gracesmum Wed 18-Jul-12 10:47:46

Would you have guessed that I meant "hospital"?? Just checking you are awakegrin

AlisonMA Wed 18-Jul-12 11:08:14

A friend of mine has an ongoing issue like this. They send her 92 year old mother appointments which she cannot attend unless my friend takes her. The first one came for when friend was on holiday so she called to change it. A couple of days before the second one was due my friend phoned to say her mum was ill and she would have to change the appointment. She was told that if the appointment was 'cancelled' three times she would not get another. She explained she was not 'cancelling' but 'postponing' but was told that this counted as a cancellation. She asked if they could discuss the date of the next appointment and was told they couldn't and that she would have to wait for it to arrive in the post! She is furious not only about the hassle factor but the cost of sending out all these letters! The process is so inefficient.

janthea Wed 18-Jul-12 15:06:59

I had a hospital appointment and duly turned up only to be told that it had been rearranged. I was holding the appointment letter in my hand and explained that I had not received anything from them changing the date. When they looked up on the computer, it appeared that the letter was to be sent out that day!! Which meant it would arrive probably the next day or later - well after the original appointment. I was lucky that they realised it was their fault and I was seen at the end of the session - about two hours later!! angry

gracesmum Wed 18-Jul-12 18:53:50

I understand the NHS claims to lose millions from DNA (Did Not Attend) well it would help to know when an appointment is meant to be!!We have also received letters with appointments 3 days prior to the receipt of the letter.
Where is Mystic Meg when you need her?

Notsogrand Wed 18-Jul-12 19:01:11

I'd be furious at that, you're not being unreasonable glass! Hope GS is soon on the mend. smile

Annobel Wed 18-Jul-12 19:14:06

Nowadays it would be child's play to notify patients by text or email, although not everyone has these. However, the saving made by using these media would pay for sending letters to other patients by first class mail. My dentist uses email and/or text.

yogagran Wed 18-Jul-12 20:23:40

Both my dentist and health centre send appointment reminder texts, very useful