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Discount partner grumble - blooming Daxon

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Grannyknot Wed 09-Jan-13 17:33:42

Ordered from Daxon over the Christmas hols - having clicked on the link from GN site. The parcel arrived today, took ages. It weighed a ton. When I opened it, I discovered why. I have never seen so many catalogues and inserts and more catalogues and unnecessary additional flyers in one parcel in my life. And I don't even like the stuff I bought. What is wrong with me? angry with myself for shopping for the sake of it, and cross because Daxon marketing strategy is so un-eco-friendly. And because I'm in such a grumpy mood, I'm already anticipating that they will sell my details on to every coach holiday company in the UK.

cheelu Wed 09-Jan-13 17:57:56

They are soo expensive compared to other companies Grannyknot, my friend showed me the exact same thing I was going to buy from them for £7 cheaper!!