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NannyBern Sun 10-Feb-13 22:55:23

One could be forgiven when watching the Bafta's you think your watching the Oscar's. Am I having a senior moment?

Joan Mon 11-Feb-13 05:55:05

I don't watch Baftas or Oscars as I don't trust the integrity of the selection process. Also, tales of the rich and shameless, however talented (or not) leave me cold.

ayse Mon 11-Feb-13 13:59:26

My DH likes this sort of stuff and having said that if I had to choose to watch one it would be the BAFTA's. I'm with Joan on this one. I dislike these self- congratulatory affairs, especially as there are so many folk in the world who die from famine and disease. To me, it's all part of the Celebrity Culture that I find incredibly tedious and unimportant.
I did like Stephen Fry though - a good presenter

FlicketyB Mon 11-Feb-13 14:31:16

I have been wondering who, if anyone other than those involved, has the remotest interest in the BAFTAS, Oscars, Sony radio awards etc etc.

Every profession has its self congratulary beano each year when awards for lifetime achievements in wall plastering and the best innovation in plastering in the last year are awarded and no doubt wall plasterers get quite worked up about it, but only media types get the chance to bore the pants off the rest of the nation for hours by broadcasting their plastering awards to the world.

Last night I was Home Alone. I turned the radio on, wall to wall BAFTAS. I turned the television on and ran through all the Freeview programmes, if they werent broadcasting the BAFTAS, they were reporting on them extensively on the news. In the end I settled down with a DVD.

I got my daily papers this morning and - you guessed it - BAFTAS, what the guests were wearing, which award was the biggest surprise.

I really couldnt care less and it would be nice if the media types that run these beanos could limit the coverage to news coverage only and give the rest of the world something interesting to watch instead.

Tegan Mon 11-Feb-13 14:55:09

I don't have much time for the Oscars but I do enjoy watching the BAFTAS. And I must admit to being close to tears when Life of Pi didn't win Best Film. The Oscars are much more political. Just watch Lincoln wipe the board over there.