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To object to doing the work of a bank teller? (Long rant, sorry.)

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Wheniwasyourage Sun 17-Feb-13 18:19:27

This morning it was my turn on the church rota to help to count and to bank the offering. The money goes in a locked wallet into the night safe of the local Bank of Scotland. In the wallet the bank had put a leaflet about how to bank cash for business and corporate accounts, including keeping notes flat and held together, by denomination, with elastic bands, and then bagging coins as instructed on the coin bags. I have always kept the notes flat but not used elastic bands (there doesn't seem much point when there are too few notes and the band just curls them up, so defeating the purpose, and have always put the appropriate cash into bags as far as possible (£20 in £1 coins, £10 in 50p etc). What really got me annoyed was the instruction that instead of putting all coins which do not fit into whole bags of the relevant kind, they should not, as previously, be put in one bag together, but in separate bags according to type of coin. This would have meant using six extra bags this morning (not a lot, I know, but multiply it by every pay-in made to the bank), not to mention 3 elastic bands which are not, like the coin bags, supplied by the bank.

I know that this is designed to make it easier to send off the cash to Edinburgh instead of dealing with it in the local branch, but I have ignored it as I want local jobs to remain here and don't like the idea of yet more centralisation. It also reminds me of the growing menace of the do-it-yourself checkouts which are a threat to the jobs of supermarket staff.

On a Sunday I have more to do than sort out cash into even more separate bags when the remaining bank staff should be getting paid to do it on Monday morning and I am not. As a tax payer and so an owner of the bank, I am cross angry.

Are other banks doing the same?

Thank you, that feels better smile

Mishap Sun 17-Feb-13 19:21:57

I am glad you feel better!

Ana Sun 17-Feb-13 19:29:18

The banks round here have been fussy like that for as long as I can remember - no mixed coins in bags!

Grannyknot Mon 18-Feb-13 10:01:32

when not to mention that we all do our own online banking, plus we scan our purchases at the supermarket and the one that makes me grumpy is having to do the job of an airline reservations clerk.

Barrow Mon 18-Feb-13 10:04:42

Some years ago I was involved in organising an charity event and when I went to pay in the cash raised (Abbey) they told me they would not accept more than (I think) £5 in coins. (The coins were sorted into the various bags) I caused a scene pointing out that I was paying in legal currency and if they didn't accept it then I would take the account, and several others to another Bank. They gave in and said that, just this once, they would accept the coins. I am no longer involved with that particular charity but I made sure the account was closed and moved to another bank.

bluebell Mon 18-Feb-13 10:08:47

I'm a treasurer of a charity that does street collections etc. I got so fed up with putiing money into bags etc that I now keep all the coins and write a cheque. I use up the coins at local shops who are grateful for the change but I guess the people behind me in the queue may not share that gratitude.....

absent Mon 18-Feb-13 10:27:49

It seems to me increasingly these days people can't be bothered to do the job for which they are paid properly. I am thoroughly fed up with making telephone calls, writing letters and sending e-mails explaining to someone who is supposed to be supplying me with a service for which I am paying what they are supposed to be doing.

bluebell Mon 18-Feb-13 10:43:28

Just had a battle with BT - 4 phone calls, 4 letters (partly because I won't use 0844 numbers) and a threat to go to ombudsman - finally sorted and have £40 compensation (up from £5 as original offer) - but I only had time to do it because I havent been working for last month. I find the words 'customer services' plunge me immediately into the deepest despair - public or private sector

bluebell Mon 18-Feb-13 10:48:05

Just reminded me of my last compensation claim - long story, won't bore you, but last part of phone call went
Me - and I was on my mobile for ages - it was very expensive (slight exageration)
Them - how long?
Me - 10 minutues at 15p a minute
Them - Oh dear , we'll refund you the £15 then
Me - If you say so.....
They did

annodomini Mon 18-Feb-13 11:08:18

bluebell grin Nice work!

Wheniwasyourage Mon 18-Feb-13 11:49:48

Oh, you do cheer me up! Thank you, thank you flowers!

I am treasurer of a local group with an account at the same bank and they have sent us a form to give them personal details of signatories on the account (they have these details already) and other details such as annual turnover which are suitable only for businesses. Why are they trying to shoehorn a small leisure group, non-profit-making, with a variable turnover of around £2000, into a box made for small businesses?

Perhaps the thing to do is just to keep resisting and answering silly questions with silly answers. You must have felt very satisfied barrow when the account you were involved with was closed. I plan to do the same if the Co-op bank takes over our local Lloyds, but as this is a small town with few jobs, it makes it very hard to use a bank outside the town.

Granny23 Mon 18-Feb-13 12:15:48

When -you are talking about the B of S Treasurer's Account, aren't you. I have two accounts with them and am demented trying to change the signatories. It would take a whole page to detail all the ins and outs (including demanding a signature from a deceased ex-signatory, losing the Minute and Constitution, etc.) but we have had to resort to using the old office bearers to sign cheques. I would love to switch to Co-op but nearest Branch is 30 miles away in Glasgow and I have large sums in small change to pay in quite often. Have learned to keep back a float from one fundraising event to another but that causes problems in my nice, simple accounts. confused They no longer pay any interest on these accounts and the truth is they do not want to be bothered with them.

Granny23 Mon 18-Feb-13 12:22:13

PS When we managed to complete the first set of forms, I realised that I had in my possession the full bank account details of the other signatories - name, address, DOB, Account number - the lot. I complained to the banks HQ but they could not see that it was a problem.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 18-Feb-13 17:26:32

Yes, granny23, I am indeed talking about the B of S Treasurer's Account. They are trying to close some of these accounts, I understand from friends who have them too, but so far they are just trying to bamboozle us. I will tell the other signatories (we need 2 out of 3) to look both ways when crossing the road, as it sounds as if it's even more difficult to change them now than it was several years ago, the last time we had to do it! The sock under the bed is tempting, but it isn't my money. I pay in varying amounts but try and change it into large notes before I do so, sometimes with the willing help of local shopkeepers because they are charged for paying in change and for taking it out!

We may own these outfits, but we don't seem to be making much of a job of running them. I despair!