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AIBU to hate slimming product advertisements

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vampirequeen Tue 26-Feb-13 14:58:35

I know the diet industry is big business and that a lot of people have lost weight with them but their adverts drive me insane.

Why would someone like Patsy Kensit need Weighwatchers? She was never overweight in the sense that real people use. And the insipid way she talks about loosing her confidence. The only reason people with weight problems have no confidence is that the media/society says they're abnormal, greedy and can't do what other people do.

I bought into that for so long. My life was on hold because I thought I had to be thin. A few years ago I realised that I can do anything I want to regardless of my size. If people don't like to see me doing things then tough. That's their problem not mine. So now I wear jeans, walk, cycle and dance. I have leaf fights with the children in Autumn, make snow angels in Winter and paddle in the sea in Summer.

I know weight can have health issues but lets not go down the route of thin cures all. When I was younger we aimed to be a 12/14. We knew we'd cracked it when we could get into a C&A size 14 because they were so small for size. Now girls are encouraged to be size 8/10.

The likes of Patsy Kensit, Mel C and real women whose lives are 'so much better' are selling a product but the advert suggest that a successful slimmer can live a glamourous, perfect life. These products are aimed at women who are disatisfied with themselves and often their lives. The suggestions made are misleading in that no matter how much weight you lose, you're still you and you still live the same life in the same place. If you're unhappy fat then the chances are you'll still be unhappy thin but you'll also be hundreds of pounds worse off too.

Barrow Tue 26-Feb-13 15:07:53

You go girl! Couldn't agree with you more.

glammanana Tue 26-Feb-13 16:10:58

vampirequeen whilst I agree with you about Patsy Kensit she has never been overweight imo and you certainly lead a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself on the go which is fab,I am at the moment looking to trim down for the wedding in September and am finding the foods that I am eating are bringing down the lbs nicely and not expensive at all,all fresh veg and fruit no crisps (my downfall) or thick chunks of bread and butter and sweets,I'm enjoying what I am eating and never feel hungry and with not buying treats at the supermarket am not tempted to snack.I don't belong to a gym or anything like that just found the hula-hoop under the bed and use that for excerise everyday,so I can get into that size 12 dress that I have seen.grin

positivepam Tue 26-Feb-13 16:25:53

Vampire Queen, everything you have written is oh so true. My Mother spent all her life worrying about her weight and seemed to be permanently on a diet, then she lost all the weight but unfortunately at the same time, she also lost her mind due to dementia and never knew she had lost all that weight and I just think how sad. And of course she passed it on to me and so did Twiggy too at the time another image that none of us ccould aspire to. I am what I am, as the song goes and I could never be a skinny or even thin lady and so what? I just wish that all the young girls today would believe the truth about airbrushing and the facts that most diets do not work. We need a lifestyle change a healthier view I think. Patsy Kensit losing confidence through weight issues just doesn't seem to ring true to me. hmm

vampirequeen Tue 26-Feb-13 16:35:03

I've not problem with people dieting if that's what the choose to do and glammanana proves that you can do it without paying out huge sums of money to the slimming industry.

I just worry about those other women who think that losing weight will change their lives. When I was truly thin it proved to be the worst time in my life. After years of believing thin would change my life and bring me happiness I found that it didn't. I also believed that being thin would change how my ex treated me....surprise surprise it didn't.

positivepam Tue 26-Feb-13 17:03:57

Again, I totally agree Vampire Queen and a similar thing happened to me. I thought that my life would be perfect if I lost weight and like you it wasn't the best time in my life. I thought I would do everything when I was "thin" but alas no. I put the weight back on and actually started doing more, like swimming everday etc. I was as they say in psychology, using the "delaying gratification" mantra in my life, when "this" happens then life will be just right. And I so agree about the money made from us insecure women, they play on our fears and yes they all start to believe that losing weight will change their lives. I am glad i am off that treadmill and yes you can definately do it without paying out large sums. Of course I know the "for" side would say that some need that supprt but can't we form our own groups of friends and do it for free?

vampirequeen Tue 26-Feb-13 20:35:59

I've lost weight both ways many times and regained it many times. Now I take my body as it is. As long as my joints, heart, blood pressure etc are OK then my body is OK.

Deedaa Tue 26-Feb-13 21:15:55

You are quite right vampirequeen Until recently I stayed happily about 3 stone overweight as I had been for the last 15 years at least. Recently my doctor suggested I should lose some weight so I could reduce my blood pressure medication. I was a bit miffed when I found he had referred me to a dietician, but she gave me a very useful, portion based, eating plan.With this I have very simply cut down on some of the things I was eating. It is as far removed as possible from all the miracle drop 2 dress sizes rubbish you see advertised.