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... to find the Radio Times pretty hopeless?

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Mishap Fri 12-Apr-13 19:35:43

Some years ago the format of the Radio Times was changed so that all the TV programmes are listed first and then the radio programmes. Everyone hailed this as a long overdue improvement. I have never been able to see that myself - I both watch and listen and it would be much easier if all the day's listings were together so that you don't have to dodge back and forth.

And is there is one more article or front cover about Dr Who............!

wisewoman Fri 12-Apr-13 19:55:50

I don't mind the radio being separate as I am the kind of person who goes through the whole R. Times when I get it and highlight all the things I want to see and hear - I know, very boring. I do mostly listen to the radio programmes on iplayer though, usually when cooking or pottering in the kitchen. I do agree about Doctor Who though! It seems to be every week that it is on the cover. AT least my grandson likes the free posters!