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juneh Wed 17-Apr-13 15:44:18

Hello I am the new editor of the Conwy Gransnetlocal and after being frazzled and linking to this and that, tweeting loudly with twitter but still pulling my feather out, getting connected to facebook on my own page etc etc and working out which end is up, I would really like it if there is anyone who would like to visit to the Conwy side of the Gransnet family. I know there are hundreds of grandparents in Llandudno where I live but everyone from anywhere is welcome, just to take a look at the forums and chat for a bit. Would love to see them in use. smile
I have put out a few questions but it's like being alone in a lift that gets stuck 10 floors up. My voice is rattling down the floorwaves. Help! help!
It would be marvelous to have a few friends to chat to on the new site, I am trying to increase the listings of things to do in Conwy but have long way to go. You don't have to be living in Conwy, you are welcome to come across the airwaves for a visit. Just put Conwy in the local button.
I will watch out for you and have home made apple pie ready with lashings and lashings of custard. grin cupcake

whenim64 Wed 17-Apr-13 16:44:13

Hi june. I'm in Manchester, but have left a post on your gardening forum. Hope you get some more smile