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To expect to see at least one woman in a political discussion

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MiceElf Fri 03-May-13 20:19:45

I've just watched Channel 4 news. A large section was rightly devoted to the local election results. The interviewer and all four interviewees were men.

Now, leaving aside the peurility of the questions and the responses it seemed to me that there was no surer way of indicating to the nation that politics is for men and that the 51% of the population who are female are of little or no consequence.

I was so vexed that I emailed Channel 4 who - to their credit - replied promptly, and they said that it was not in their control who the parties sent to be their spokes 'persons'.

So, my feeling at the minute is 'a plague on all their houses'. There are so many articulate and active women there but it's the chaps who are chosen. Every time.

whenim64 Fri 03-May-13 20:51:41

It really gets my goat that men are wheeled out to pontificate about anything, let alone politics.

They've done such a terrible job so far, exercising their power in every sphere of life. It's time for the women to start outnumbering men in politics, business and everything else that men have mucked up.