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What is covered by the £50 fixed fee?

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redwelshdragon Sun 04-Aug-13 00:16:10

I am new to this forum and been looking for advice everywhere and arrived here so registered straight away!

My Grandson and his partner have split up and they have a 2yr old little boy (my Great Grandson).

At first she was letting my Grandson and us see his little boy from 1 - 7 on a Wed and 1 - 7.30 on a Sat but in saying that she never had him ready which gave us less time to see him but had to have him back on the dot (or else).

She has turned very awkward with us all and very spiteful to my Grandson and is refusing for any of us to see the little one at all now and we are all very upset about it which is the reason why I am asking for some advice regarding this.

We have been told that there is no Legal Aid now for people like my Grandson or us Grandparents and we don't know where to turn now as Solicitors cost big money these days.

My daughter in law has gone to a Family Law Solicitors and was told a fixed fee of £50 would give some advice but when she asked what it covered they wouldn't say unless she paid the £50.

The other Solicitors told her she could have a free 20 minutes but if a letter was required to be written the cost was nearly £200 and anything else of course would cost more which we cannot afford.

Surely there must be some organisation out there for people like my Grandson who is 20 and sadly out of work who cannot have access to his son.

My son and daughter in law took her in when she fell out with her mother who never wanted anything to do with her. They did everything for her and practically brought the little one up as she seems a very nervous type and highly strung and very erratic. But she soon felt her feet once they got their own little house (social housing).

She rowed with my Grandson and wouldn't let him back in the house and have now split up. She is very nasty to my son and daughter in law and won't agree to anything now and won't answer any texts or phone calls.

We are told he has rights to see his son as his name is on his birth certificate but now can't see him at all.

We have also been told that Grandparents have rights too but do we? it's true what they say 'Money Talks'.

Any advice please to what the £50 fixed fee covers?
Thank you
Very upset Granny

jeanie99 Sun 04-Aug-13 02:27:33

Hi Red,

If your grandson is not working and as no funds to pay for a solicitor he may be able to receive free legal aid. Tell him to speak to the citizens Advice bureau, address from the library, they may be able to offer advice the address of a solicitor that does this type of work.

Although you are clearly very upset about this situation you should remember you only know one side of the problem, couples don't always share there intimate relationships with family and there may be more to the split than you are aware of.

If you know where your grandsons X is living why not keep in touch by sending a postcard to your great grandson and her with a message asking how they are. I think it is always best to try and keep the cart on the wheels as the saying goes, try not to make things worse, it never serves any purpose and will alienate you.

Unfortunately as grandparents you have no rights under English Law.