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to expect a peaceful evening without fireworks?

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MrsSB Sun 10-Nov-13 18:12:55

iWe have had fireworks here for 11 evenings running now. Our poor dog trembles, pants, runs from room to room trying to hide.When are they going to end? Why do these ridiculous people feel the need to keep doing this, night after night? Where DO they find the money - I certainly don't have money to "blow up"! Isn't it about time there was some sort of legislation to stop these idiots setting off what can only be described as small bombs night after night after night?

Nonu Tue 12-Nov-13 10:03:29

marvellous idea Mrs S B & Positive , when can I expect you ?
We haven't any pets so there will be no problem there !!
Laugh !!

MrsSB Tue 12-Nov-13 08:26:36

Oh dear, newist, that's blown that idea then, haha. I think my dog's intense hatred of cats equals his intense fear of fireworks. I'll just have to work out a Plan B .......

newist Mon 11-Nov-13 22:09:11

What a lovely Idea, Your little dogs will of course have to learn how to run up doors. Oh I can see it all, what fun they will all have chasing each other. I do drink coffee quite a lot and also I am sure I will have some out of date tea bags, (we don't drink tea) which we keep for guests. A shared glass of (anything alcoholic) wine is always welcome grin

positivepam Mon 11-Nov-13 21:46:16

My two dogs are only small newist so perhaps your cats will think they are cats as well possibly? Might be worth the hike and a ferry ride, I do like to travel and so do my dogs ha ha. I will bring some treats for your cats, have you any tea and coffee or would you like me to bring something stronger? wine or brew

susieb755 Mon 11-Nov-13 20:11:50

I am heartily sick of fireworks, as is my terrified staffie who has been drugged up for nearly a week.....

newist Mon 11-Nov-13 20:10:36

You are welcome, its a bit of a hike, then a ferry ride, I am sure my 2 ragdoll cats will eventually get used to sharing with dogs grin

absent Mon 11-Nov-13 20:06:07

I think one of the problems is that fireworks have got bigger and "better" over the years. The little displays we used to have in our back garden when I was a child would be derided by children today.

They do have Guy Fawkes night in New Zealand and there were a few fireworks let off either side of the fifth, but they were neither especially noisy nor late at night. It took me back to my youth.

My cats are not especially bothered by them, I'm glad to say, as long as they are safely indoors, preferably draped on laps or the arms of one of the sofas.

positivepam Mon 11-Nov-13 19:51:23

Wow what a good idea MrsSB we could all move in to * Nonu * and * Newists* ha ha. I do not think anyone is berating people for enjoying themselves but for being inconsiderate. If someone is playing loud music really late at night over a long period of time would that not annoy people or would that be ok and just people enjoying themselves? What we pet owners are saying is (I think) that the normal Bonfire Night parties are fine and no problem, most of us I think have said we like fireworks, just not at 2 a.m. I would agree that when the 5th falls mid-week that the week-end before and after you would I agree, expect fireworks. I actually think we are all in agreement really, all any of us ask is that people are considerate to other people and animals and as Penstemmon says, nobody deliberately causes distress to anyone or any animal. We are all entitled to have fun and enjoy life but please not at others expense. flowers

Tegan Mon 11-Nov-13 19:40:38

I've probably mentioned this before but our pony lived in a field next to a firework factory that used to go up in smoke every now and again; all of the horses were absolutely bombproof. Mind you, you couldn't get them to walk past a plastic bag lying by the side of the road. I do wonder what goes on in our pets' heads sometimes. The other year my dog started drinking loads of water; had tests and all sorts done [cost me a fortune]but realised eventually that it was just stress brought on by fireworks. Oh well, so much for my 'theory'; at least I won't try getting her a doggy friend to cure her!

Bellasnana Mon 11-Nov-13 19:23:01

Tegan - I had two dogs and it was the older of the two who was absolutely scared stiff of fireworks despite having a dog 'brother'. He trembled and shook and paced the house despite our trying everything under the sun to help him. He was always quite highly-strung. Sadly, he died two years ago ( aged 13). Our other dog has never been afraid of the bangs ( but he is scared of horses!)

Tegan Mon 11-Nov-13 18:33:52

I wonder if it's dogs on their own that get scared. Up until recently I've always had two dogs and it's only since I had an 'only dog' that I've had a problem. Mind you, my last dog that wasn't bothered about fireworks was terrified of motor bikes. She used to spin round like a catherine wheel whenever she saw one.

Aka Mon 11-Nov-13 18:23:33

It's not the fireworks per se that cause distress, it's the overuse of very loud 'bangers' . I love firework displays but not the noise that seems to be becoming louder and more prolonged every year.

MrsSB Mon 11-Nov-13 17:49:20

Sorry, Penstemmon, but I'm not berating people who are reasonably enjoying themselves. I understand there will be fireworks on the weekends either side of the 5th, and on the day itself. That is not, however, 11 nights in a row, starting at around 4pm, and going on, sometimes until well after midnight. I am not a killjoy, I just wish, occasionally, someone, somewhere would think of other people (and their pets). Unfortunately, in our neighbourhood, the fireworks are not being used in the traditional manner and there is no care and general consideration.

Penstemmon Mon 11-Nov-13 16:17:14

I love fireworks! I think it is reasonable to expect that the weekend before 5th and the weekend after (when 5th is midweek) will be noisy plus 5th as well! I am not a pet hater but I do get fed up when humans are berated for enjoying themselves because of the worry it causes animals. As long as it is not deliberate acts to distress a pet or people then fireworks have a long tradition, and used with care and general consideration they provide a fun filled family time.
I met my DH on bonfire night at a bonfire party......

bikergran Mon 11-Nov-13 15:21:41

last year when DO was very poorly as he is many times..and was ill in bed.. our next door neighbour showed no concern on setting off the BIGGEST noisiest fireworks! in fact I wouldn't call them fireworks I would have called them bombs!!I am not talking about piddly little roman fountains..these are the size of a catering size tins of beans..! they laughed hilariously as they boomed and banged! this was within approx. 10 ft of our conservatory!! the whole place shook!! and pieces rained down on the conservatory roof..they seemed to find it so funny..these are not teenages these are 50 odd yr olds...and their son of about 21. they also took delight in lighting one of those sky lanters..and they found it quite funny when the wind blew it towards our conservatory roof and it stuck for a second before the wind took it off!! they have no thought for anyone else....these are the neighbours that decide to have a BBQ when my washing is out (not thought of saying oh we are going to light the BBQ soon and notice your washing is out)! sorry going off the tale grrrrrrrrr...

MrsSB Mon 11-Nov-13 15:20:05

Nonu and Newist, you haven't got a spare room we could use for the duration, by any chance, haha? Believe it or not, the fireworks "season" is one of the reasons our house is on the market and we're looking to move! We, and the dog, have had enough!

goldengirl Mon 11-Nov-13 15:05:35

There was a time when I was small that fireworks were on November 5th and New Years Eve. Now it seems any excuse and there's fireworks. DH thinks I'm a right old killjoy but my dog used to be frantic and he was a big dog so not easy to cuddle on your lap and I think of all the wildlife wondering what the hell is going on night after night. Mind you I was also a right misery on Hallowe'en - I put a notice printed off from the police asking people not to knock and it seemed to work which surprised me really.

Faye Mon 11-Nov-13 13:14:17

They are banned in Australia for individual use. There are still fireworks for special occasions such as New years Eve put on for the public.

Nonu Mon 11-Nov-13 12:54:19

I also , have not seen or heard a single firework this year !

newist Mon 11-Nov-13 12:01:00

I have not heard or seen a single firework this year. my indoor cats would be terrified of the bangers, but not as much as me, I have a dreadful fear of bangs. it does sound silly I know they cannot hurt me but I hate them,
I do so sympathise with anyone who has to live night after night hearing them.

AlieOxon Mon 11-Nov-13 11:57:09

Fireworks stopped? good.
BUT - we had the most enormous BANG here to mark the beginning of the 2 minutes silence today! - and another to finish...

JessM Mon 11-Nov-13 11:30:29

I don't think you are being unreasonable mrssb - I used to have a dog like that, hiding under the stairs for weeks poor thing.
I also think it is unreasonable for people to set them off after 9.30 and disrupt other peoples attempts to sleep.
Some countries don't allow them at all - e.g. in Ireland I don't think they are sold (will check). I think HK tried to ban them (in the form of firecrackers which can be let off at any time of year and are seriously loud and repetitive)
Ironic isn't it - years ago they were more freely sold, but people used to confine them to the 5th november.

MrsSB Mon 11-Nov-13 11:04:40

I have absolutely no problem with family events, or organised events, on 5 November and for Diwali. At least then, knowing the dates fireworks are going to be set off, we are prepared and can try to lessen the effect on the dog. It's when they go on for weeks, for no reason, that I get annoyed. Last year we even booked a holiday away in a remote cottage to try to avoid stressing the dog; however, we weren't able to afford the money or the time to be away for a month and that is what we would have needed to do to avoid the ongoing fireworks.

There is absolutely no reason for the fireworks to be continuing now. Guy Fawkes night is a week ago, and Diwali was the weekend before that, so no traditions and festivals. We know we will get more fireworks at Christmas and New Year, and we accept that and prepare for it. It is not possible to prepare for weeks and weeks of them as the only thing that gives our dog any peace at all, and then not very much, is very expensive medication from the vet. Apart from the expense, we really wouldn't want the poor animal to be drugged from the middle of October right through to the middle of January!

Riverwalk Mon 11-Nov-13 09:07:26

I heard a couple of 'banger'-type fireworks around 11pm ..... obviously not a family gathering to entertain the children at such a late hour. And very anti-social at that time on a Sunday.

AlieOxon Mon 11-Nov-13 09:02:01

I had fireworks last night. Hope that's the end of it!