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About dgd modelling

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Dresden Tue 01-Apr-14 10:03:39

Posting here for traffic. My ds is often asked if dgd who is 5.4 can be a model. She is very pretty and photogenic and an extremely outgoing child. DS is against the idea as he doesn't want her to feel different because of her looks (they live overseas and she is mixed race, so she already stands out in their local area)

I really cannot offer any experience or advice. I suppose I think that if she is keen to do it, she could have a go and if it didn't work out, there wouldn't be much to lose. I don't feel at all strongly about it though.

Do any Gnetters have experience of child modelling? Any experiences or advice welcome!

petra Tue 01-Apr-14 10:14:41

Only that my DD was a director of a child model agency in London. All I know about it, is, they look after the children very well.

Vesper Wed 02-Apr-14 16:12:04

Wouldn't have done it myself, but knew a good few who did.
The usual advice is commonsense: to keep it light, keep it fun.
Don't get upset when not selected, don't do too much, don't enforce (say) types of hair style to get job. Walk a line between letting the child have some of the money for treats and saving.
Above all, don't let the child think this is a measure of their worth.

The law here is quite strict, but I wouldn't have a clue about other countries.

rosequartz Wed 02-Apr-14 16:46:49

We knew someone years ago whose two children modelled clothes for catalogues. They put their earnings away for their future education.

It depends who is asking - you would have to check it all out very carefully.

Gally Wed 02-Apr-14 17:05:37

My dgd occasionally does some modelling - She's Rapunzel at the moment in Sainsbury's. DD works so isn't often available to take her to castings. It has done her no harm, it is very quick - 2 hours max, she loves dressing up in different clothes, she has to behave (!) she gets to ride on a train, has a sandwich and a drink in a cafe which is a treat and she earns around £500 each time which is put in a savings account. If she didn't want to do it or was unhappy, then DD would not take her. She goes to school this year and that will put an end to it. I would say that if it is treated as a bit of fun, she isn't pressured and she is happy, then go for it. There 's no way my gd feels 'special' as nobody makes a fuss about it and she is just a normal scruffy, cheeky little girl who wouldn't particularly stand out in a crowd.