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To think Mr Cameron is being unreasonable re Wales?

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JessM Tue 16-Sep-14 19:03:01

The current government has cut the amount of money that supports public services in Wales. And now he is lashing into those public services:

He described Offa's Dyke as "the boundary between life and death" shock
This is shameless scare-mongering.
He also, presumably, does not like the fact that there are now several versions of NHS in the UK. The English one that is being contracted out as fast as possible. Plus the Scots, Welsh and N Irish versions, which are not the victim of Hunt's "reforms".
The Nuffield Trust’s 10-year studies of NHS services across the UK concluded that there have been significant improvements in NHS services across all four countries. It also found that “no one country is emerging as a consistent front-runner on health system performance.”

Ana Tue 16-Sep-14 19:10:43

I'm not sure why you keep posting out of date links, Jess. This isn't current news.

durhamjen Wed 17-Sep-14 00:09:20

Wales-online link is only two months old. People have put much older ones on than that. The NHS is definitely current news.
I actually mentioned Offa's dyke in one of the Scotland posts. Didn't call it that, though.
Strange that the NHS is now getting much more air time in the Scotland debate. The NHS should be the most important topic in the debate.