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I'm annoyed again!

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NanKate Thu 02-Oct-14 21:18:18

Whilst I am on GN, FB, and other websites I am irritated by the moving characters, shoes, etc on the right of the screen and woe-betide me if my finger accidentally touches one of the moving images I am taken immediately to a new website I don't want.

I am on the verge of a temper tantrum. hmm

numberplease Thu 02-Oct-14 21:20:43

And I thought I was the only one!

rosesarered Thu 02-Oct-14 21:25:55

Give in to the tantrum, you will feel better!

Ana Thu 02-Oct-14 21:34:26

That's why I stick to my mouse...

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 02-Oct-14 21:39:40

I haven't got anything like that. confused I think son might put some sort of blocker on here that does me out of interesting things. hmm

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 02-Oct-14 21:40:06

I wanna see the shoes!

Ana Thu 02-Oct-14 22:01:22

You don't want to see those damn walking shoes that keep on...and on...and on...clomping away at the side of the screen! Go away, shoes!

Greenfinch Thu 02-Oct-14 22:39:28

Absolutely. They spook me out. I think it is something crawling across the screen Aagh!

Anya Thu 02-Oct-14 22:51:54

What right side of the screen? Oh, that...I've never really noticed it until now. Good at blocking things out I don't want to see or hear. That's how I survive life.

Just noticed a row of little houses with ticks and crosses that come and go hmm Best ignored.

Ana Thu 02-Oct-14 22:54:10

The houses are OK. It's just those shoes...

Nelliemoser Thu 02-Oct-14 23:03:20

I have managed to stop a number of these ads on Facebook. If you look at the right of the screen where the title bar is, there is a grey downward pointing arrow.

If you click on this it will give you options to turn off all "ads" from that particular source. By clicking "I don't want to see this."

You have to tell them why you don't want to see this ever again. It seems to get rid of them quite effectively.

Try the grey arrow next time you get an advert.

Let me know if it works

I don't know about GN adds though. We don't want to get rid of too many of their adds or GN might go out of business. shock

NfkDumpling Fri 03-Oct-14 07:33:02

My little grey arrow doesn't give that option - the only ad option is to create my own!

NfkDumpling Fri 03-Oct-14 07:33:43

(On FB that is)

NanKate Fri 03-Oct-14 07:39:36

Morning all.

Just switched on and what do I see those awful walking shoes again. angry

Sadly [Nellie] there is no downward arrow by the toolbar to eradicate the walking pest on my IPad. I will check out my main computer to see if I can catch the little bu** that way.

hildajenniJ Fri 03-Oct-14 08:26:50

I don't have ads of any sort on Fb., but then I installed the facebook app. so perhaps that's the reason. I looked all over for those shoes but not there. No moving characters on GN either. I have the feeling I'm missing out! grin

Grannyknot Fri 03-Oct-14 10:09:03

I want to "add" my "ad" grumble - you know those ones that tell you how much longer you've got to endure them, as in "You can skip this ad in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 seconds..." I always think - if they know we all dislike them so much, why on earth do they bother, and then tell you how long before you can skip them? Daft.

ninathenana Fri 03-Oct-14 10:10:05

Nothing on my phone or kindle on GN or FB hmm

NanKate Fri 03-Oct-14 10:15:09

As I am writing here Cotswold Collections are changing their fashions screen by screen, not quite as annoying as the shoes but not far behind.

constance Fri 03-Oct-14 10:18:11

I downloaded adblock plus to my laptop and it switches off adverts. But then my children told me off because it then stops the people running the sites from making money from adverts. So sometimes I just switch it on when the ads get took much.

Elegran Fri 03-Oct-14 10:32:36

If we hate the ads so much, why should we care that anyone makes money from inflicting them on us?

sparkygran Fri 03-Oct-14 13:40:35

nellie you`re a genius I have just managed to get rid of ads on FB though it was by moving the mouse onto the ad that I noticed a little x in the corner and it allowed me to remove not the down arrow. flowers

NfkDumpling Fri 03-Oct-14 18:44:38

Ah - I've just found the little grey arrow to get rid of the ads in the main bit on FB. Is there a way to get rid of the ones on the side?

Flowerofthewest Fri 03-Oct-14 22:44:42

The shoes are there now, quick before they walk away!!!

NanKate Sat 04-Oct-14 10:10:25

I wish I had a virtual gun to shoot down those shoes.

constance Sat 25-Oct-14 23:23:25

Here's where I downloaded the adblock software -