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To expect correct pronunciation on Radio 4!

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Anne58 Sun 12-Oct-14 16:24:03

Another hate is "lab ra tory" !

Grannyknot Sun 12-Oct-14 09:34:45

(and I meant to add) complete with unacceptable pronunciations! <hopelessly tries to channel elocution teacher c. 1962>

Grannyknot Sun 12-Oct-14 09:27:26

It's discussions like this that have given me a complex about opening my South African accented mouth in public ... confused

feetlebaum Sun 12-Oct-14 09:11:43

The one Americanism that really irritates me is not a matter of pronunciation (many Americans pronounce words more clearly than we Anglos do, which is fine) it's saying nthe exact opposite of what is meant:
"I could care less" when what is meant is "I could NOT care less..."

Agus Sun 12-Oct-14 08:55:02


Agus Sun 12-Oct-14 08:51:06

As many English words are derived from French, they get annoyed with us for changing their pronounciations and we get annoyed with the Americans for changing ours and when anyone uses correct French, they are called pretentious! It's a minefield grin

Soutra Sun 12-Oct-14 08:28:10

The "seize 'er witch" really annoyed me too! That's not a case of alternative pronunciation as " aluminum" might be - just wrong!!

absent Sun 12-Oct-14 08:19:39

The metal was originally called aluminum. It was a spelling mistake that made it aluminium in the UK.

rubysong Sat 11-Oct-14 22:57:22

On the subject of transatlantic accents, I have just had an email from DDiL (American) to say DGD (just two) who has lived in USA since she was three months old, insists on pronouncing tomato the British way. When her mum uses the American 'tomayto' she says, " That's wrong mummy, it's tomato." They emigrated nearly two years ago and there is no sign off DS1 losing his accent, English with a mixture of Yorkshire (me and DH) and Cornwall & Devon (upbringing/education).

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 11-Oct-14 22:41:10

It's just pretentious. hmm

merlotgran Sat 11-Oct-14 22:40:03

Why do we now do certain things as an 'omaaaaarje' instead of simply paying 'homidge' ?

We're not French hmm

Katek Sat 11-Oct-14 22:08:30

As a Scot it's things like 'drawring' or 'bananar' that get to me. I now shout at the radio when I'm driving....been shouting at tv for years!!

AlieOxon Sat 11-Oct-14 19:59:22

I've even heard 'nucular' on the BBC recently.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 11-Oct-14 19:57:24

That caribyan sounds so affected! Ridiculous.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 11-Oct-14 19:55:42

I can no longer remember which is UK pronunciation, and which is US. I think I've been saying skedule for some time now. And first my kids mocked me for saying zebra so I changed to zeebra. Now they're laughing at me for saying that and I've got to remember to go back to zebra! Can't keep up with it. hmm

annsixty Sat 11-Oct-14 19:22:38

Along with" aluminum" and " caribyan". Isn't there a saying about nations divided by a common language and I do know that is so wrong.

Ana Sat 11-Oct-14 18:32:04

'Furoar' is the American way of pronouncing furore, as 'skedule' is their way of pronouncing schedule and seems to be taking over from 'shedule'... sad

Anne58 Sat 11-Oct-14 18:24:49

Within the last few minutes I have heard "furoar" and one of todays horse races referred to (by whichever sports correspondent is on duty today) as the "seezer witch" It's actually the "Cesarewitch"

(Grumble grumble, moan whinge mutter)