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AIBU not understanding why a "motherhood ring" is necessary?

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Grannyknot Mon 27-Oct-14 19:33:48

And at a price of $4800 at that?

What will the celebridees think of next confused

granjura Mon 27-Oct-14 19:57:36

or 'baby showers' and the like. Just another 'must' pushing kids into more debt to keep up with the celebrities. Tragic.

petallus Mon 27-Oct-14 20:17:58

Are any rings necessary?

Pittcity Mon 27-Oct-14 20:31:48

When I read the thread title I thought it was something similar to a witches' coven.

FlicketyB Mon 27-Oct-14 22:21:31

I suppose it is for those who live together rather than marry and have a motherhood ring rather than a wedding ring.

Grannyknot Mon 27-Oct-14 22:24:41

petallus I agree, I hardly ever wear my wedding ring.

Flickety I never thought of that, more fool me grin

Ana Mon 27-Oct-14 22:32:30

A motherhood ring rather than a wedding ring? How odd.

Couldn't you have both, anyway? Does one ring do for all, or do you get one for each child? confused

rubysong Mon 27-Oct-14 23:37:58

I have a wedding ring and an engagement ring and after the birth of DS1 37 years ago I was given an eternity ring. It was very inexpensive with teeny tiny chips of diamond (or maybe not diamond) all around, some of which have now dropped out. Two years ago I received a vintage triple ruby ring for our 40th anniversary. It was from eBay and cost less than £100. None of them are very valuable but they all have a special meaning for us.

I didn't realise how trendy I was by having a 'motherhood' ring all those years ago, though it wasn't a celebrity price.

rubylady Mon 27-Oct-14 23:49:30

I had an engagement ring, wedding ring and then with my DD I got an eternity ring (sapphire and diamond) and then another one nine years later (jewels which spelled out "Dearest") with my DS. Good job I have long fingers! Lol smile

NfkDumpling Tue 28-Oct-14 06:30:13

Well, I suppose since the profits are going to fund a maternity unit it sort of makes sense.... But, how long before some business person picks it up and it becomes just another rip off. The latest 'must have' to give a mum on Mother's Day. At least I suppose it's something which will only be bought once -per baby.

kittylester Tue 28-Oct-14 07:57:27

I think it was fashionable, for a while when we were having children, to have an eternity ring when the first child was born. DH bought me a charm bracelet as a wedding present and subsequently bought me a charm for each child! I have never wanted an eternity ring!

baubles Tue 28-Oct-14 08:24:00

I remember being asked by a friend, after the birth of my first child, if I would be getting an eternity ring. I'd never heard of this 'tradition' and didn't want one.

No ring is 'necessary' not even a wedding ring. Just a matter of choice.

Grannyknot Tue 28-Oct-14 11:30:21

Do you know what this has reminded me of ... how stupid I felt once in conversation when everyone was oohing and aa-hing over a "tennis bracelet" and I was like (I definitely need to use "like" in this instance) [screws up face] "What's a tennis bracelet ?" I still don't really know ...

Ana Tue 28-Oct-14 11:34:10

I had to google that as I'd never heard of a tennis bracelet either, Grannyknot. This link gives the origin of the name.

Grannyknot Tue 28-Oct-14 11:40:01

How dumb can you be to wear a diamond bracelet in a championship tennis match? I think it's obscene! More money than sense ... grin

Purpledaffodil Tue 28-Oct-14 12:05:21

I had never heard of it either. Thanks for the link Ana. I agree, more money than sense. But then I've never been a jewellery collector. MiL was and dividing up her jewels has caused more family fractures in an already tense family.

NfkDumpling Tue 28-Oct-14 16:38:58

Oooh - I have a braclet from my aunt set with moonstones linked on a silver chain. Have I got a tennis braclet?

kittylester Tue 28-Oct-14 16:50:18

I've got an opal one -.does that mean I have to play tennis?

Grannyknot Tue 28-Oct-14 16:54:00

kitty grin nfk you'll have to check with the description above! smile!

granjura Tue 28-Oct-14 17:52:17

Never had an engagement ring either - but I have inherited some nice rings from my grand-mother via my mother (now gone to daughters already- as gardening and rings go together even less thant tennis and rings;) )

janeainsworth Tue 28-Oct-14 19:45:27

I never had an engagement ring but when we had been married for 30 years MrA produced a lovely ring with 3 diamonds, one for each DC.
As he's an engineer I was completely overwhelmed by such a romantic gesture blush

Gracesgran Wed 29-Oct-14 09:10:12

My ex gave me an eternity ring when we had our son. We already had a daughter. I probably should have read the signs grin