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- to expect a "National Advice Centre" to wait until I ASK for advice?

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Elegran Fri 21-Nov-14 17:30:53

I have had a welcome rest from cold callers and international rubbish since I installed my call-blocker, but I have just had a call from someone at 0845 8620256 saying they were the National Advice Centre to tell me about the advantages of generating my own electricity. What they SHOULD have said was that they would like to persuade me to install solar panels (via their firm, of course, and at my own expense)

But disguised as "advice" they get round the regulations on cold calling. They are now on my banned list!

janeainsworth Fri 21-Nov-14 17:35:00

We had them on the phone yesterday Elegran
They must be having a rather frustrating time of it! grin

Elegran Fri 21-Nov-14 17:53:10

I googled the number and "who calls me". Sveral peope reported rude replies from them when they were did not get any joy, so I suspect the frustration is getting to the call centre minions.

Tough. Frustration at cold calls gets to those at the answering end too.

(But I did hear an interesting thing about selling your surplus energy to the National Grid. Apparently they can't accurately measure what proportion of the energy generated by these solar things is used by the householder and how much is sent to the grid, so they pay you for a theoretical percentage. So the more of your own electricity you use, the better value you are getting out of the deal - your own is free and you are also paid for a theoretical surplus. If they publicised that, it wouldn't exactly encourage people to be economical, would it?)

vampirequeen Fri 21-Nov-14 18:33:25

DH's latest way of dealing with unwanted calls is to tell them to wait then continues an imaginary argument. Today's was about a man trying to leave a parcel but had got the wrong address. It's amazing how quickly the phone goes dead when it's obvious they're either going to be kept on hold for some time or talk to someone who is very angry grin

Jane10 Sat 22-Nov-14 14:06:17

We took over my parents flat and telephone number. We get calls from foreign and local call centres asking to speak to my Dad who died in 2003 or my Mum who died in 2012!! Sometimes I just hang up or ask if they could maybe find a better job than phoning dead people. Once I lost it and said that certainly she could talk to my Dad but she`d need to do it via a medium rather than the phone!! I know they are just doing their jobs but its ridiculous. This number was registered with the TPS years ago.