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to be so fed up with shaky camera shots and quick cuts in films?

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rockgran Thu 19-Feb-15 20:54:20

I was really looking forward to Death in Paradise tonight but have given up on it because the camera is never still for more than two seconds! It seems to be the fashionable way to film everything nowadays - not just dramatic action scenes. It's very headache inducing. Even Bargain Hunt is doing it! I remember the days when it was considered very bad filming techniqe to pan too quickly or cut too suddenly. Now it is everywhere! D in P is added to yet another programme I can't bear to watch. angry

Mishap Thu 19-Feb-15 21:02:53

How I do agree! I suffer with migraine and it really makes me notice these sort of shots. I have to wear sunglasses to watch the TV and have enormous problems with moving shots from cars, trains or walking along - and all this zooming in and out is a nightmare for me. And the whirling patterns of such things as the start of the news etc. are very hard to deal with. How I wish they would not do it! Everything is so over-produced.

absent Thu 19-Feb-15 21:34:26

I am also fed up with films that seem to have been shot in the dark. I think Ridley Scott started the trend and this has now led to a completely new meaning for film noir.

arthurly12 Fri 20-Feb-15 05:42:14

Unfortunately the trend of reducing the credits after programmes (making them illegible) to advertise future events just when you're trying to see the cast list, has carried over from the UK to NZ.

Treebee Fri 20-Feb-15 22:13:16

What bothers me is the blurred shot coming artistically into focus, and vice versa.
I can't watch a blurred picture, my eyes are trying to fix it, so I have to look away.
Gardeners World and Countryfile do it a lot.

Deedaa Sat 21-Feb-15 20:28:36

This drives me mad, and the habit of revolving the shot round the performer - guaranteed sea sickness!

thatbags Sat 21-Feb-15 22:34:53

Agreed about both the too fast camera movements/zooms and having too little lighting. The low lighting thing even happens in films where te action is supposed to be happening in what would be a very well lit place. The other thing that annoys me is unnecessary background music as if nothing was worth looking at without noise.

I think these things are done simply because they can be done and have nothing to do with quality or good design. Just techy geeks showing off in effect. I've nothing against techiness or geekiness in the right place, but showing off is silly.

Deedaa Sat 21-Feb-15 22:56:54

Background music in documentaries!!! What is the point of having an expert explaining something when they are completely drowned out by the music? Oh for the days of Jacob Bronowski's The Ascent of Man, when he just stood there and talked to the camera!

Victoria08 Sun 22-Mar-15 17:25:47

I quite agree about loud background music in documentaries on tv. Extremely annoying.

Mishap Sun 22-Mar-15 17:32:22

I was really looking forward to the programme about "Mrs Bach" yesterday but had to switch it of because of the flashy intense light shots.

It makes me smile that they warn viewers about the presence of flash photography so that epileptics etc can look away and then programmes are full of these sort of shots that are just as problematical.