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Daffs on St.Davids Day

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tanith Sat 28-Feb-15 12:46:18

I'm was so mad this morning in Tesco , I always buy Daffs for St.Davids Day to remember my Mum who was Welsh. So off we trot to Mr.T this morning for a grocery shop and I knew they have a special stand for Daffs and what do I find NO DAFFS not a one in their special display.
I went to customer services and asked why on the day before St Davids Day they had no daffs , so she called the man from the grocery dept and he said no they had none and he didn't think they would be getting any in... he actually looked at me a bit oddly when I said but its St. Davids Day tomorrow! I actually now think he didn't know what the significance was.
I'm going to e-mail them later to complain and I will have to go out later and find some Daffs to brighten up my living room.. I'm calm now grin stdavidsstdavidsstdavids

Galen Sat 28-Feb-15 13:12:41

Have you thought of having an elegant arrangement of leeks instead?stdavids

Ana Sat 28-Feb-15 13:24:07

grin stdavids

ninathenana Sat 28-Feb-15 14:10:16

Asda had some yesterday.

Teetime Sat 28-Feb-15 15:14:37

stdavids for tomorrow.

rosequartz Sat 28-Feb-15 15:51:39

I bought mine in the Co-op, but I am sure that a local Tesco had them.
Here are some for you:

stdavids stdavids stdavids stdavids stdavids stdavids stdavids
Not quite enough for a vase-full but you could pick the ones all around GN grin

Ana Sat 28-Feb-15 15:55:32

I've just bought some from Asda. The ones at Tesco were all tightly closed and wouldn't have made much of a display! stdavids

rosequartz Sat 28-Feb-15 16:06:14

I bought mine quite tightly closed yesterday and they are all out today!

We need some sunshine to open the ones in the garden.

Lona Sat 28-Feb-15 16:09:49

My 'vertically challenged' daffs are all out in my front garden!

glammanana Sat 28-Feb-15 16:20:41

Now you mention it tanith they didn't have any in our local Tesco either I wonder if they have not ordered enough from their suppliers,I bet you get some sort of excuse about the weather conditions affecting supplies.
I have some dwarf daffs in my front pots in the garden which are a delight when they come out,but I do love a vase of fresh daffs about the house when they are in season.

Oldgreymare Sat 28-Feb-15 16:33:43

Embarrassing situation in M&S.
Paid for daffs at one till but spotted longer stemmed ones further on so hopped over to get them, brandishing receipt so as not to be thought nicking daffs. Soundly told off by customer (rightly so as she thought I was butting in) Smirks from the rest of the queue...... exit apologising profusely..... now daffs remind me that I was a silly old moo, no longer harbingers of Spring or of Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant (St David's day)

Soutra Sat 28-Feb-15 16:41:00

Did they have any dragons instead tanith?

Galen Sat 28-Feb-15 16:49:36

No! You can usually find them at your gp's surgery.

KatyK Sat 28-Feb-15 16:51:18

Tescos near me had some this morning.

glammanana Sat 28-Feb-15 17:12:58

KatyK I wonder if they where part of our local delivery sent to the wrong shop grin

Wheniwasyourage Sat 28-Feb-15 17:22:59

Don't have anything to say, just love the daffodil and wanted to use it. stdavids These are for all the Welsh GNers, and for everyone who has enjoyed holidays in Wales. stdavidsstdavidsstdavids

KatyK Sat 28-Feb-15 18:19:15

Maybe they were glamma. Here you are you can have one back
stdavids smile

loopylou Sat 28-Feb-15 18:38:24

Thank you for the lovely daffodil emoticon. Please can we even it up a bit and have a rose, a thistle and a shamrock?
Thank you in anticipation
Loopylou x

tanith Sat 28-Feb-15 21:45:42

I finally managed to get some in a small Tesco , I have a nice vase full now.. thankyou everyone for the virtual

annodomini Sat 28-Feb-15 22:55:13

stdavids stdavids stdavids stdavids stdavids stdavids

And congratulations to Wales for beating France today!

Galen Sat 28-Feb-15 22:59:08

Didn't they do well! stdavids

rubylady Sun 01-Mar-15 00:24:54

Happy St. David's Day everyone. X stdavids

rosequartz Sun 01-Mar-15 18:11:10

A bit late, but Happy St David's Day stdavids !