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Skin Care stupid

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johnyoum000 Wed 08-Apr-15 07:06:28

Message deleted by Gransnet for breaking our forum guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

janeainsworth Wed 08-Apr-15 07:27:09

Reported <sigh>

kittylester Wed 08-Apr-15 07:31:35

Was that OP in English? confused

AshTree Wed 08-Apr-15 07:44:34

Must have been quite difficult to write such drivel hmm

loopylou Wed 08-Apr-15 07:44:55

Double Dutch to me....^I'm genital about cut^ Gordon Bennett!!!

Nelliemoser Wed 08-Apr-15 08:14:12

You can tell it's school holidays again!
This looks like yet another bored kid posting.

hildajenniJ Wed 08-Apr-15 08:21:02

Advertising, by any other name!!

Utter codswallop.

annsixty Wed 08-Apr-15 08:26:21

Computer generated and it is time HQ got advice about rooting these out.

Soutra Wed 08-Apr-15 08:27:25

What is that thing about a thousand monkeys and a thousand typewriters? It only takes one (sorry, chimp population ) to produce this gobbledegook.