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to think that 'funding' review for my mum is a waste of time, money and resources/

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kittylester Sat 02-May-15 13:01:48

As lots of you know, my mum has dementia. She is now 91, also has chronic COPD, is in a nursing home with the maximum funding available with a contribution paid by her and a top up paid by my brother.

I am having a meeting with the person responsible from the local council and someone from the home 'to check that her condition hasn't changed!' Considering she is on the maximum contribution in the circumstances what, then, is the point of reassessing her. She is never going to get any better (she is not Ernest Saunders or Greville Janner!)and they will not contribute anymore so what, exactly, will have changed.

It seems to be an added burden that the SW could manage without!

loopylou Sat 02-May-15 13:11:03

I suspect it's a monitoring requirement, and unfortunately a necessary exercise.

kittylester Sat 02-May-15 13:54:57

I don't see why, in mum's circumstances, it is necessary as she can only get worse!

Lilygran Sat 02-May-15 13:55:13

kitty That's right, as loopylou says. Some conditions that get paid for do improve although why they can't simply check the person still has whatever-it-is which won't improve, I don't know! It's like regularly checking people with permanent disabilities to make sure the disability hasn't suddenly gone away.

kittylester Sat 02-May-15 14:06:29

My point exactly!! And, at 91, with dementia and copd confused

Mishap Sat 02-May-15 14:10:23

With dementia and COPD she should be getting full funding from the NHS under the Continuing Care provision.

kittylester Sat 02-May-15 14:39:54

Mum is getting all of the funding to which she is entitled, Mishap. But of course that will reduce as she gets better!

It's the futility of checking on the health of a 91 year old with those conditions that I object to as I'm sure the department involved has better ways to use its resources!

Teetime Sat 02-May-15 16:03:15

kitty sadly its just the admin machine that cannot stop itself - one of the reasons why Social Services can never catch up with its own budget- doing those things which ought not to be done and not doing those things which ought to be done. I hope Mum is as comfortable as they can make her- must be an endless worry for you. flowers

Our problem is other way round MIL- knocking on for 102 now(and this has been going on for 25 years now0 will not engage with services provided to support her which she desperately needs and SS will not reassess her deterioration or the fact that the care agency is taking the money and not doing anything. DH is worn out with it all.

nightowl Sat 02-May-15 16:19:17

I think Mishap is right kitty, it may be to check whether she is now entitled to NHS Continuing Health Care which would mean that she wouldn't have to make any contribution at all. It could be a very worthwhile exercise.

petra Sat 02-May-15 16:20:23

I often wonder what they would do if they run out of the boxes they have to tick. I know, invent some more.

Mishap Sat 02-May-15 16:20:34

Did you look into Continuing Care funding kitty? - very often it is not mentioned. It has nothing to do with SSD and their rules - it is payment for continuing nursing care that is required due to a medical condition and comes directly from the NHS - and is not means-tested.

Even when Continuing Care has been mentioned it is often with the wrong information and the tests applied inaccurately - I speak from experience!

The rationale behind reviewing her present funding will be twofold - to see if she should be paying more; or to see if the SSD can offload the responsibility onto NHS via Continuing Care.

kittylester Sat 02-May-15 17:57:35

I see, thank you for that information - I shall use it on Tuesday!

durhamjen Sat 02-May-15 18:32:04

I hope not, petra. When my husband was dying, they filled in a form with over 50 pages to decide whether the NHS or social services should pay. He died before the assessment results came back.

My 93 year old mother in law seems to have these assessments every three months or so. A lot of time and a lot of paper. Think how many trees could be saved if common sense could be used instead.