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AIBU to think this isn't good enough from M&S Furniture

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Grannyknot Thu 04-Jun-15 10:55:49

Whilst we were away on holiday we stayed in a hotel room where there was a lovely low armchair with matching footstool and I enjoyed sitting there and reading so much that I was determined to have one at home. So as soon as we got back I started scouting and found one at M&S, the "Hugo" chair is "Conran" design, smart upholstery, so I bought it and the footstool in the shop not online, so I could try it out, cost together just over £400.

It duly arrived about two weeks later and a very nice man put it together (screwed in the legs) and took away the packaging and off he went. That was mid-May. Over the last few weeks I've noticed that it feels wonky and eventually got husband's sufficiently interested so that he investigated and declared that one of the chair legs was cross-threaded on assembly and is now ruined (it is loose and just spins) and why didn't I notice it on the day the man installed it and why did I buy something that is "not great quality for the price" and and and (I got a lecture).

So ... that was me, ages on the website, found where to report problems with furniture quality - eventually. Then, ages on the phone, press this press that - got through to a helpful person who said that M&S subcontracts to a company that does "technical support for furniture" confused and they would contact me. Waited a few more days and they phoned last night and have given me a slot for the technician to come and have a look - on the 22nd June!

I'm fed up and I think I may demand a refund.

In the meanwhile I can moan about it publicly on Gransnet! grin

Grannyknot Thu 04-Jun-15 10:56:32

... husband not husband's!

loopylou Thu 04-Jun-15 11:04:59

I'd ask for replacement chair or refund as faulty.
Certainly not good service!

gillybob Thu 04-Jun-15 11:16:56

I think this kind of service is unusual for M&S. We bought some furniture from them when we moved to our current home. The Padstow range is painted in a kind of grey matt paint. My DH got his keys stuck in a drawer and it chewed the paint off leaving my brand new dresser looking terrible. I telephone M & S and they sent a technician who applied some resin/ putty material and painted it over. He left me with a small pot of paint too. The cost to us was zero.

AshTree Thu 04-Jun-15 11:26:10

Very annoying, but given M&S's reputation, I suspect there will be a good outcome with this.

annsixty Thu 04-Jun-15 11:41:20

While sympathizing 100% with your disappointment and frustration I think it is a teeny bit unfair to critisize until you know what they are going to do,and as others have said, with their reputation to uphold I am sure that if you are not satisfied they will replace or refund. I do hope so anyway.

Teetime Thu 04-Jun-15 11:47:15

Oh yes have a moan I would - just nicely ask for a refund/replacement.

harrigran Thu 04-Jun-15 16:52:16

I have found the quality of M&S furniture to have deteriorated over the years. 21 years ago I bought a three piece suite for my second home, the quality was superb so 5 years later I bought the same suit for my main home. The second suite was so inferior, beneath the cushions were badly finished and the springs went in one chair and the wood frame was rough and badly finished. I now deal with a local furniture store that do their own deliveries and assembling of furniture.

whenim64 Thu 04-Jun-15 16:58:11

See how it goes and if you're still not happy, why not try M and S customer service on Twitter or Facebook? They don't want bas publicity and will respond quickly.

Grannyknot Thu 04-Jun-15 19:29:00

Thanks, all. Having a moan on here has helped. I have now realised that the delay in the technician coming will mean the date by which I can exchange will have passed hmm so ... back on the phone I go angry

annsixty Thu 04-Jun-15 19:34:00

Well I would certainly e-mail them and point this out. The day you report the fault should be the appropriate date to be accountable.

Jomarie Thu 04-Jun-15 19:58:43

I agree with annsixty do please e-mail them (not just a phone call) to point out you reported the fault well within the exchange time limit. If you don't it will be sod's law that it will go wrong and you may well be in for another lecture! I know how horrid and unfair they are!! (the lectures, I mean) smile

pompa Thu 04-Jun-15 20:05:10

If you mention Marks & Spencer in your post (just done it for you) there is a good chance they will see this thread. Large companies run software that scans the web for their name so that they can pick up nay bad publicity.

rosesarered Thu 04-Jun-15 20:29:19

Can you get a refund on your DH Grannyknot?grin

Grannyknot Thu 04-Jun-15 20:39:26

Thanks Pompa grin - by the power of Gransnet! (drum roll).

jo and roses after 36 years I have the measure of the man, I eyeball him, hands on hips and say "Are you going to lecture me all day?!" He then becomes bit sheepish grin

rosesarered Thu 04-Jun-15 20:43:57

How would they like it(not) if we gave them a lecture when something went wrong?It seems to be a man thing.
Hopefully M&S will come good with their poor workmanship and you will get a good as new chair.

Larissa Thu 04-Jun-15 21:32:11

We bought a hidaway bed from M&S for the kids bedroom. The second hidden bed is as firm and secure when pulled out as the main bed. Both beds are the same height. It was expensive but one of our best furniture buys ever,
it doesnt surprise me that the quality is no longer as high. Their clothes are nowhere near as good as they used to be

SloeGinny Fri 05-Jun-15 11:42:16

I've got to say that I had a very bad experience with M&S furniture. The first 2 sets delivered were badly damaged and it took some arguing with them to get it exchanged. The delivery times were very inflexible too, I had to take several whole days off work with no possibility of changing the date (without waiting an unfeasibly long time) or getting an indication of time.

To be fair, it was third time lucky and the furniture is ok, although by then I'd fallen out of love with it. This was 6-8 years ago and things may well have changed, but I would never, ever buy furniture from them again.

Happynannie Mon 08-Jun-15 20:22:48

Hi, joined Gransnet today and was delighted to read everyone's comments on M&s furniture. I'm furious with them. In September 2014 I bought a large Wexford coffee table and two nests of coffee tables for my. My thinking was to purchase the Wexford dining table, six chairs and the large sideboard after Christmas. In early December I travelled to my nearest 'Home' store at fosse Park only to find that due to the time of year they were not displaying furniture. No problem I thought and after Christmas went on line to order said dining furniture only to find it had been discontinued. I was dismayed. I had spent £800+ on the occasional furniture and now had to search for something to match. I emailed Marks & Spencer's customer support and over an exchange of emails was told in answer to my query if they had any Wexford items in any of their stores, that I they could give me the numbers of stores but I would have to call them myself and I would also have to pay for delivery. I received four of the most unhelpful replies. I'm still looking for the Wexford replacements (obviously not at M&S) Please be warned M&S are certainly not the company they used to be and, as for their customer service it is zilch from my personal experience. Sorry for having a rant I am usually a very happynannie.