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To worry about DH traveling in Europe?

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Katek Tue 24-Nov-15 09:18:47

DH is currently in Holland on business-he flew out yesterday and I was unhappy about the trip to begin with. My anxiety levels shot up last night after the US issued its global travel warning. DH flies in via Schiphol and then has 1.5 hour train journey across Holland. He and the dds are doing the 'don't be silly' routine but I feel quite patted on the head and dismissed-perhaps I am overly concerned but these fears are very real in my head.

thatbags Tue 24-Nov-15 09:33:33

He is far more likely to be killed any and every day in a road accident than to come to grief because of terrorists. I know that isn't much comfort so I sympathise with your feelings, but bald statistics sometimes help lessen the worry flowers

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 24-Nov-15 09:36:15

I think he is ok with Holland. If I was going to go to a Xmas market this year, I would probably choose Amsterdam.

No good saying to you don't worry, because of course, you will. He will soon be home safe and sound. Tell him to visit a pattisierie on your behalf. (my main memory of Amsterdam - the cookies and the chocolate smile)

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 24-Nov-15 09:37:51

(We are naughty saying "Holland". Aparently (hmm) Netherland. (and don't think of Michael Jackson)

Katek Tue 24-Nov-15 09:38:41

Thanks Bags, I know what you're saying is so right-it's just hard sometimes for logic to overcome emotion. Love the flowers!

Katek Tue 24-Nov-15 09:45:42

grin just spluttered into my cuppa Jings! Like the sound of the cookies and to hell with the pre Xmas diet! Must practice Netherlands but easier to type Holland........

TerriBull Tue 24-Nov-15 09:46:44

Quite honestly I'm just as worried about London, I worked up there during the IRA years and I was twitchy then. I would now think twice about going to the theatre, meeting a friend in town, we now go local for our meetups, or going to a museum in central London. Which is a shame because our capital, like many others is wonderful with much to offer. I have two children who work in central London, they worry about a possible attack. One of my son's is going to Amsterdam next month, so yes I'm worried about that too.

EllenT Tue 24-Nov-15 09:55:51

DH has just turned down a work invitation to Amsterdam. Mainly for work-related reasons but partly because I was concerned. Was in two minds about expressing this since I believe each modification of our everyday behaviour gives our enemies a small victory but I couldn't bear the thought of the news headlines had the worst happened.

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 24-Nov-15 10:02:36

I live in a town where the would-be bombers seem to prefer to hang out. Still going into the town shopping today. Won't be doing a pre-Xmas trip to London this year though. Especially if we join in the bombing. sadangry

The fuckers.

JamJar1 Tue 24-Nov-15 12:32:47

Worrying times but with all the heightened security it's probably safer to travel now.

harrigran Tue 24-Nov-15 12:33:49

You can't spend your life worrying about travelling. My DH had to travel for work and came close to bombs and shootings in places like Algeria, India and South Africa but the worst one was on home soil when he was in London on 7/7 2005, due to the tardiness of his work colleague DH missed the tube ... the one where the bomb was.

lucyinthesky Tue 24-Nov-15 12:56:26

I'm in Paris currently as my OH is French. It's not stopping us going anywhere. As thatbags says more chance of being killed in many other ways.

Please don't let terrorism win.

Gagagran Tue 24-Nov-15 13:17:45

Ds travels a lot with his job and before Christmas is going to India, Singapore and New York. DD is going to a conference in Paris in early December and to Central America en famille for Christmas. Of course I am concerned for their safety but I agree we can't let terrorism win and also agree with Bags that statistically they are in more danger of a road traffic accident. What a world we live in.

vegasmags Tue 24-Nov-15 13:42:57

I will not be changing my behaviour in any way. The aim of these terrorists is to spread fear and despondency and wreak economic havoc. Of course, I will heed warnings that are officially issued but other than that I will carry on as usual. We always worry for our loved ones, but that's part of life.

felice Tue 24-Nov-15 13:46:18

I doubt if there will be any trouble in The Netherlands, seems to be more dangerous being a young man on the streets of London.

life is just carrying on here too, schools went back today, half day on a Wednesday so DGS has come down to watch Jungle book.

Quick lesson, Holland comprises Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands is the rest of the country literally the back lands.

Luckygirl Tue 24-Nov-15 14:22:07

It is very hard not to worry. For various reasons (which I won't outline) our locality is a likely target. All you can do is just carry on.

wotanuisanceABC123 Tue 24-Nov-15 17:38:35

My brother, wife, children and grandchildren live in Belgium. Very concerned as they are my only family. Also, his daughter is married to a (non_religious) Muslim.

loopylou Tue 24-Nov-15 17:58:14

Plenty of GNs worrying....I have DD flying via Istanbul to Tashkent and back every couple of weeks interspersed with flying to various European destinations.
Not changing plans and won't unless the government decrees otherwise.

Maggiemaybe Tue 24-Nov-15 19:15:48

I'm off to Paris soon with my DDs for a weekend - we're looking forward to it very much and I don't feel it's any more dangerous than any other city in Europe, including our own. We just have to be aware of what's going on around us and hope for the best. Worrying won't help.

My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened. Michel de Montaigne

apricot Tue 24-Nov-15 19:52:42

I have a son in law in Hamburg then Paris this week, a daughter in Liberia, a daughter who commutes into central London every day and missed the 7/7 bombs only because it was her birthday.
That's modern life. I suppose life in the distant past was dangerous too but with no 24 hour news nobody knew.

M0nica Tue 24-Nov-15 20:08:52

DH is making three trips to Denmark over the next ten days. My heart will not miss a beat. He could get killed just crossing the road in our village to buy the newspapers. Something like that happened to my dear sister.

Death by terrorist event as a proportion of total deaths each year is infinitismally small anywhere in Europe and indeed, in all but a small group of countries worldwide.

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 24-Nov-15 23:00:30

Yes - but when a place is on the highest security alert - why?!!! confused

Katek Tue 24-Nov-15 23:58:26

I'm a little less frayed round the edges this evening. Still concerned but think it's more in proportion. Just having fears recognised can be helpful.