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.... to expect Google maps to just give me a map and nothing else

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M0nica Tue 02-Aug-16 18:46:26

I am going up to London on Friday to meet DD, have a meal and go to a show. I do know where I am going, but thought a quick map to show exactly where the restaurant was would be nice. I google the restaurant and click on the location button which takes me to google maps.

Attempt 1: Map puts another company I know nothing of nor what its business is and shows me how to get from the restaurant to this business. When I go to print the print version of the map centres on this other business not the restaurant.

Attempt 2: I try again, clicking on another site on the restaurant site. This time I get a google map with just the restaurant, but when I go to print it out, the map is squashed up in the top of the page and almost indecipherable followed by 2 1/2 pages of information about the restaurant, the company etc etc. None of which I need.

Attempt 3: I go direct to google maps, type the street name in. Google maps decides that I am looking for the theatre in that road. Apart from anything else this is not the theatre I am going to. What I get this time is a midget map centred on the theatre and lots of info about a theatre I am not going to.

Attempt 4: I say something unprintable, go and get my very old A to Z off the shelf and photocopy the relevant page.

Luckygirl Tue 02-Aug-16 18:51:10

I know just what you mean! Have a lovely evening out!

M0nica Tue 02-Aug-16 21:16:23

I have now removed google maps from my bookmarks and replaced it with Bing maps, which seem to be better.