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Over the top ? Completely I think .

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Floradora9 Thu 01-Dec-16 10:35:58

Just saw in the Tesco Magazine they are selling mulled spices wipes , washing up liquid and even bleach . I love the smell of bleach it reminds me of swimming pools in my childhood . Get a life Tesco . I did hear they also had mulled spice toilet paper but it seems to have gone . I would buy Donald Trump tiolet paper if I saw it on sale though .

Anya Thu 01-Dec-16 10:38:44

Try Amazon. They sell Trump toilet paper grin

Jayh Thu 01-Dec-16 10:41:17

I'll give the toilet paper a go if it spices up my life. #getting desperate now.

Luckygirl Thu 01-Dec-16 10:42:01

Must get the Trump loo roll for the sons-in-law!

annodomini Thu 01-Dec-16 11:38:52

Trump toilet paper would be ideal for my GS (12) who, as an April fool joke stuck a picture of Trump on the underside of the toilet seat for his dad to 'enjoy' when he lifted it up.

Christinefrance Thu 01-Dec-16 13:14:48

Definitely too much Floradora and probably smells very synthetic.
When my grandson was young I bought Christmas toilet paper with penguins on it. Made his Christmas no need for presents.

stillaliveandkicking Sun 04-Dec-16 19:22:20

Humbug smile I love everything smelling of spiced apples etc. this time of year and swap usual purchases for them. Only wished they did them all year round.

tanith Sun 04-Dec-16 19:52:16

Can't abide overpowering smells in the house apart the smell from the conifer branches and pine cones I use to decorate the fireplace.

stillaliveandkicking Sun 04-Dec-16 19:56:11

I guess that due to smoking and drinking my senses are dulled somewhat so you could probably poke a cinnamon spiced apple vapour squirter up my nose and I'd not flinch grin

Mind you I hate the smell of vanilla, even a hint of it.

Rinouchka Sun 04-Dec-16 20:04:28

Tesco is definitely OTT, Floradora9.

However, I share your love of the smell of bleach. It reminds me of my mother, who never missed an opportunity to scrub some surface with bleach.

Proust had the taste of a madeleine dipped in tea to conjure up memories of a lost childhood. I have the smell of bleach!

ElaineI Sun 04-Dec-16 20:13:35

Often buy these offers as I like the smells!