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Boots Hypocritical Christmas Ad

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JessM Sun 04-Dec-16 21:08:54

Last night in the cinema, watching the ads. Usually manage to avoid them at home.
Boots Ad starts with the statistic that half a million women work on Christmas day (saving lives in the NHS, etc) with a little mention in the corner of the screen that the TUC provided the data. So caring, sharing Boots invite half a dozen of these admirable souls for a bit of a make over and a glass of champers with their family. This creating a warm and fuzzy feeling in the female audience.
So we should all rush to Boots and do our Christmas shopping, should we? Hmm.
AIBU to think Boots is not a philanthropic organisation that promotes the rights of working women?
It is on the other hand:
A company that was among the first to embrace zero hours contracts with enthusiasm? (I remember the first time I head about ZHCs and Boots was the company involved)
A company that earns over £2 billion a year from the NHS (that's just the prescriptions)
A company that is owned by a very rich man who lives in the tax haven of Monaco? A company that pays a very modest amount of tax in the UK?
AIBU to think "Well that's an advert that backfired with this customer because it made me question how they do business. I'll be thinking twice about shopping there in future."
Here's a (rather long) article about Boots and their financial affairs.

Nelliemoser Mon 05-Dec-16 00:13:15

Very sad. I have only just read it quickly but I was aware of this.
This recurring problem with many business's, is down to rampant greedy capitalism. There is no other word for it.

BlueBelle Mon 05-Dec-16 06:19:32

I hate BOOTS twice they have refused to serve me over the counter meds by over zealous assistants trained to ask too many irrelevant questions the first time I asked for Cymalon which I ve used many times I wasn't asked any relevant health questions but MY AGE I ve no problem giving my age but it's not necessary as this medication can be used by any age adult and as I m obviously not a child or teen there was no relevance to it she totally would not serve me without giving my age so I walked to the next pharmacy and bought it without a query The second time was some over the counter eye drops a different assistant this time asked if it was for me I answered yes and she said well I m not selling you them as there doesn't look anything wrong with your eyes Quick judgement there as I knew I was started an old familiar common infection, again a trip round the corner got my eye drops Needless to say I don't use their pharmacy any more and don't like the greedybpolitics surrounding the company

fiorentina51 Mon 05-Dec-16 09:09:45

This makes me so sad. That a once fine company has been reduced to this. I worked for them in the 60's and 70's. The company was set up by Jessie Boot who was a quaker.
When I worked there, you had a good staff discount and Christmas bonus plus free medical checks were available if you wanted. Retired staff had their own area rep who would visit and social events were also organised. They even had their own retirement home plus a large house by the sea where staff could stay.
One year during the troubles in Northern Ireland they organised a break by the sea for the staff at the Befast branch.
I rarely shop in Boots now.

Anya Mon 05-Dec-16 10:05:59

Our local Boots employed a particularly unfriendly assistant behind the OTC section last summer. I got so fed up of her grumpy, couldn't care less attitude that I challenged her about it by saying 'I can tell you don't like your job, but please don't take it out on me'.

She looked startled, then handed me over my buys with an attempt at a smile. Since then she has improved slightly. I wonder just how many are slapped behind a till or counter with no customer service training at all?

vampirequeen Mon 05-Dec-16 10:17:51

Boots used to be renowned for it's staff care package then it was taken over and everything went to pot. Now it's simply a commercial enterprise that cynically uses it's old caring image to make more money.

Jayanna9040 Mon 05-Dec-16 11:06:11

Don't use it any more since I realised what the takeover company was like. Lucky to have an independent pharmacist just up the road who is v helpful and always points out the best and cheapest stuff.

downtoearth Mon 05-Dec-16 16:13:51

Worked for boots 25 years or more different branches and positions,they got very greedy and their staff care was abysmal the day I left in 2003 was the last time I ever set foot through their doors...I was was once proud to say that I had worked for them from the age of 15.

HildaW Mon 05-Dec-16 17:20:18

Both My Mum and I worked for them many years ago......a very caring and moral Company back then.....but now.....its all gone to pot. Can honestly say the Pharmacist in local Supermarket is more helpful.

notanan Mon 05-Dec-16 20:28:18

I HATE that ad so much, and half of the things I hate about it I struggle to put my finger on, but also everything you said!

It really grinds my gears that the "strong working women" get all weepy and emotional because they were made pwetty! It's so patronising, it really infantises women, in this and the other annoying boots ad women can't just say "I love this colour" etc, it has to be flippin "life affirming" bleugh-ness

Where were all the retail workers in their ad? Companies like boots have made Christmas working no longer the realm of essential workers?

JessM Tue 06-Dec-16 06:55:36

Exactly notnan do rant away. All those retail workers who have to work on Xmas eve and Boxing day, putting up with ratty shoppers.
What the downtrodden working woman needs is... better makeup. They were probably models anyway.
It's interesting to watch it for the first time. They suck you in, and you find yourself thinking: aaahhh ... hang on wait a blooming minute! Cheeky sods!

Anya Tue 06-Dec-16 07:34:00

Hate the advert too for all of the reasons above and especially agree with the points made by notanan

f77ms Tue 06-Dec-16 08:09:17

I don`t use Boots for the reasons some have stated . I have been asked very embarrassing questions by counter staff when asking for meds in the pharmacy.
They refuse to give me Cymalon too so I just go round the corner and buy from the pound shop !
I dislike the ad mentioned in the op , patronising considering some of their, mostly women. staff are on zero hour contracts .

TwiceAsNice Tue 06-Dec-16 08:45:37

Always use lovely local chemist so helpful and pharmacist is lovely. Can never find, anything in Boots and never anyone to ask

notanan Tue 06-Dec-16 18:35:16

My nearest independant chemist is a bus away but I much prefer lloyds, it's more like a traditional chemist, the pharmacist comes out and spends time giving you proper advice. Boots is just a chain shop, I don't find the pharmacy staff particularly helpful, but most of them are assistants the real pharmacist avoids customers.

I know that lloyds as a chain isn't perfect, but the pharmacists still act like public facing pharmacists and I make a point of spending my money there instead of boots because of that.