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To expect manufacturers not to contradict themselves?

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Greyduster Fri 06-Jan-17 15:29:45

I have been meaning, for some time, to treat myself to a new omelette pan, so today I saw a Prestige one and saw, on the packaging, that it said "metal utensil safe non stick interior". "Ooh good" I thought, "I can flip my omelettes with a metal palette knife! I'll buy it." I got home and looked on the other side of the packaging for the manufacturers guidances, and right at the bottom, it says "we recommend that you use wooden or heat resistant plastic utensils with your cookware. Use of metal utensils can damage the non-stick coating"! I have been looking for some time for a non-metal pallete knife and can't find one, and some of my non-metal turners are a bit big for a 20cm pan. Damage by use of metal objects also apparently negates the ten year guarantee. I am a bit ticked off to say the least by this misleading information.

Grannyknot Fri 06-Jan-17 15:37:38

greyduster have you Googled "silicone pallette knife"? There are lots to choose from. I bought mine at Lakeland.

Greyduster Fri 06-Jan-17 16:33:50

I looked on Lakeland before, and have just looked again and the non metal only one I can see is the Mary Berry bowl scraper. Which one did you find, grannyknot? I also looked in John Lewis and a couple of large department stores here. I suppose I could look on eBay. I have sent an email to Prestige asking them to explain themselves.

Grannyknot Fri 06-Jan-17 16:39:50

Mine is a Joseph Joseph one. There are some on Amazon.