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Rehoming dogs from abroad

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Floradora9 Sat 04-Mar-17 10:50:12

I read recently about someone who spent about £6,000 to rehome a dog from Afghanistan . It was her money so she could spend it as she wished but I feel there are so many pets in the UK waiting for homes so why not take one of them . Some charities also bring in dogs to be rehomed . When I think of the children in these countries suffering hardship I wonder if their compassion is misplaced.

Christinefrance Sat 04-Mar-17 12:13:08

As a dog lover I can understand this to an extent, but I have to agree with you Flora the money would have helped a children's hospice or similar. I think I would have considered best use of £6,000 if I had that amount to spare. As you say though people can do as they wish with their own money.

grannypiper Sat 04-Mar-17 13:19:35

There are 2 dogs homes within 5 miles of where i live both import dogs from overseas. Both fund raise in the local community but i wont give them a penny as i dont see the need to import or how the can justify the cost.Surely there are more than enough unwanted dogs in this country without importing a problem

tanith Sat 04-Mar-17 14:46:14

I'm flabbergasted!! I can almost understand an individual spending their own money to do it but why on earth would a dogs home import dogs from overseas when Battersea is overrun with dogs needing homes? The mind boggles.

willsmadnan Sat 04-Mar-17 16:58:01

As well as the 'charity begins at home' thing re adopting dogs, when they are brought into the country, particularly from Eastern Europe(there's quite a thriving trade in 'orphaned' dogs from Romania)there is no way of checking out their characteristics/personality or even their history.
At the moment there are quite a number of podencos, or Spanish hunting dogs, being re-homed in the UK. They are usually brought over by well- meaning animal lovers, half a dozen or so at a time. I will admit, they have been treated abominably by owners who then dump them at the end of the hunting season, but these are dogs who have never lived indoors and still retain their hunting instincts. 'Domesticating' such a
dog requires expert knowledge of the breed,something which few UK dog lovers have.
I do wish anyone wanting to adopt a dog would just use their local dog rehoming organisation who, if they are reputable will offer advice, and in difficult cases take a dog back for retraining or re-housing with a more suitable family.

rosesarered Sat 04-Mar-17 17:37:48

Animal immigration now grin
Agree with others, it's potty bringing them here, there are animal charities in every country.

Nandalot Sat 04-Mar-17 18:15:18

My son lives in Spain with his Spanish wife and is involved with a group who rescue these greyhounds. They have adopted two themselves and have fostered two others at different times. They stay with the foster family until ready to be rehomed. I have to say that the two they have adopted are the gentlest creatures imaginable. The fostered ones did go abroad, to Belgium, I think.

Iam64 Sun 05-Mar-17 12:34:03

It seems crazy to import dogs for rehoming when our own dog rescue charities are overwhelmed with dogs in need of adoption. Willsmadnan is so right about the hunting dogs, I know two such animals who twelve months after being placed with experienced and dedicated owners retain the high prey urge, that neeed to hunt and kill prey.

twinklenicci Wed 15-Mar-17 13:31:23

to be honest with you there are so many dogs in the UK that need rehoming i think its crazy to go abroad, but each to their own i guess