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Luckygirl Wed 08-Mar-17 14:48:18

On the radio they say what the weather will be and then tell you where. Now would it not make more sense to tell you the area then follow it with the weather for that place?

On TV you used to be able to see the whole UK map so you could look at what the weather in your area will be whilst the announcer is rabbiting on about another area - now they home in visually one one area and you cannot see your own area onscreen.

I really think that the BBC etc are missing out not having me around to sort them out! grin

tanith Wed 08-Mar-17 14:57:46

On BBC Breakfast they do show a map of the whole UK with appropriate weather all over the map. Then in the local news they show the area local to you. Not listened to the weather on the radio but I watch it every day on BBC Breakfast am I watching something different to you Luckygirl?

ninathenana Wed 08-Mar-17 15:06:29

As tanith says. I also have daily local weather reports on my phone.

Alima Wed 08-Mar-17 15:08:56

We haven't found that to be an issue Lg. Although the weather person does tend to obliterate Wales and the South West. The thing that gets us is the weather forecast for our area on the national news very often bears no resemblance to the regional news forecast, both on the BBC. Hedging their bets?

Luckygirl Wed 08-Mar-17 15:58:40

My DD and her OH run a business that is very weather dependent and the weather forecasts drive them mad! Many punters are put off when the forecast is bad - which is undreatandable - but so often the forecast depends upon which channel/site you use and they stay away when in fact the weather is fine - grrr!

I seem to be watching and listening to the wrong weather forecast channels!

Badenkate Wed 08-Mar-17 16:33:20

We always seem to live on the boundary between two forecast areas. When we lived in Poole it was Central South and the South West, now here in N Shropshire it's West Midlands and North West. I always go for for the better of the two - but here you also have to allow for the Cheshire Gap, which I'd never heard of before

grannypiper Thu 09-Mar-17 07:41:04

Alima i find that too, BBC main news and local news are 2 completely different forecasts, i give up and just look out of the windows to the hills beyond and know what the weather will do.

kittylester Thu 09-Mar-17 07:53:51

I find that the BBC weather app on my phone is really good and accurate.

Katek Thu 09-Mar-17 09:59:40

Can't beat Countryfile's weather forecast!

shysal Thu 09-Mar-17 10:12:31

Does anyone else find, like me, that they are incapable of listening to an entire forecast on TV or the radio without losing concentration and missing the relevant bit?
I have the BBC forecast for my area on my tablet, which gives hour by hour, usually correct, predictions. It is the first thing I look at when I wake up, it helps me decide what to wear.

ginny Thu 09-Mar-17 10:14:35

My DH is obsessed with listening to the weather forecasts. He also consults the barometer and the 'weather station' that is plugged in at home.

I can understand those whose work depends on weather or if there is a big event coming up but otherwise my thoughts are that the weather will be what the weather will be and we can't change it.

Surely most of us who live in the UK know to prepare for all weathers at any time of the year.

henetha Thu 09-Mar-17 10:34:54

I don't have any problem with the BBC weather forecast.
I'm weather obsessed and check it all the time, online, on tv and on my phone.

Marmight Thu 09-Mar-17 10:41:42

I have the BBC weather app on my iPhone and iPad and generally find it's more or less correct. My Dad was obsessed with the weather reports and used to shout 'Will you BE QUIET! It's the weather!' Normal life was resumed once the report had finished grin. Perhaps it's subconsciously rubbed off on me after all these years.

Hellsbella Fri 10-Mar-17 10:21:12

Do they ever get it even slightly right? FORECAST. Prediction. Something that will happen in the future. I don't need ten minutes of a weather presenter telling me what's happening NOW thanks. I can look out of the window. I especially don't need to know what's happening NOW at the other end of the country. It would be nice, however, to get a forecast of what it will be like at the weekend, for example, that isn't about as accurate as putting three balls labelled "rain", "sunshine" and "mixed" into a bag and randomly drawing one out.

TriciaF Fri 10-Mar-17 11:00:49

I look at 4 different weather websites, and this is my favourite:
Only 2-3 days at a time but it's usually pretty accurate.