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AIBU expect M&S sheets to last more than 6 months?

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Katek Tue 18-Apr-17 11:19:41

In two weeks two fitted sheets have ripped-I was making the bed earlier, pulled the corner down to tuck under the mattress as per, and my thumb went right through the fabric! Think I will go and look at JL online-anyone else had a problem with Markie's bedding? I'm not impressed

tiggypiro Tue 18-Apr-17 13:09:52

Take them back with the receipt if possible.

Jane10 Tue 18-Apr-17 14:17:36

Gosh! Our M&S sheets are decades old and good as new (a bit softer though after so many years of being washed!).
Take yours back to the shop Katek. Let us know how you get on.

Christinefrance Tue 18-Apr-17 15:26:28

Yes definitely take them back, my M&S sheets are years old as well. Maybe it was a faulty batch.

Deedaa Tue 18-Apr-17 16:40:18

My M&S sheets are a couple of years old and still look like new.

Grannyben Tue 18-Apr-17 20:28:12

I think i would email them saying you expected more than 6 months wear. If you don't have the receipt is the payment shown on your bank statement

Katek Tue 18-Apr-17 22:50:16

I'll definitely be taking them back next time I'm in town. No receipt but good idea re bank statement grannyben

Jalima1108 Tue 18-Apr-17 23:25:06

We have M&S duvet cover and sheets on the bed at the moment which must be 15 years old at least and have been used every other week since I bought them.
Sad to say there is a tiny tear in the duvet cover which I keep meaning to mend and one of the pillow cases has worn thin but they have given us very good service.
They are a high thread count and still feel lovely.

glassortwo Wed 19-Apr-17 10:05:20

Take them back Katek. It may be they have had a problem with a batch. But M&S will exchange them without a quibble if you're not happy.

harrigran Thu 20-Apr-17 19:13:03

M&S used to sell quality bed linen but if you have bought in the last year or so you will find they have deteriorated. I bought a sheet that pilled first time on the bed and went tissue thin when washed, it was binned. Quality of clothing has gone downhill too, we no longer shop there even for food.

TriciaF Thu 20-Apr-17 19:28:02

We have some M&S sheets and pillow cases which date from the late 1970s, still in regular use.
As I've said before, modern fabrics, whether for dressmaking, clothes or bed linen etc, are of very inferior quality. Not sure why.

Jalima1108 Thu 20-Apr-17 20:16:33

I bought some bed linen from Debenhams in their sale - 800 thread count so I am hoping it lasts for years. It feels lovely and smooth.

UndercoverSheets Tue 16-May-17 12:02:56

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Katek Tue 16-May-17 12:28:18

Happy ending to the story-took sheet back last week and was given an immediate replacement. No hassle at all-well done Markies!

grannylyn65 Fri 26-May-17 13:36:27

Good news !