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Christinefrance Sun 14-May-17 09:39:11

I received a newsletter from Moonpig this morning, saying Addicts feed your addiction here with Moonpig cards.
AIBU in thinking this is unacceptable from a firm who sells cards dealing in compassion amongst other things of course
I have registered my thoughts with thrm

Starlady Sun 14-May-17 14:06:57

Ugh! Sounds inappropriate and just plain weird to me! Glad you said something to them!

M0nica Sun 14-May-17 14:38:06

I often wonder how companies fail to see how inappropriate some of their naming/advertising copy is.

We ate out at Prezzo this week. Looking at the menu I noticed that the alcohol-free beer was called 'Nanny State', with a sentence to follow about it being the drink for the nominated driver. Enough to make a nominated driver risk a drink. Not to mention those not drinking for medical reasons and recovering alcoholics.

I also emailed my opinion to the company. So far no response.

mumofmadboys Sun 14-May-17 14:42:11

Who would possibly be 'addicted' to Moonpig cards anyway?

grannylyn65 Sun 14-May-17 15:24:34

Have now got the moonpig song on a loop in my head. Thanks !! ☹️

Nona4ever Tue 16-May-17 12:06:41

I used to get Moonpig cards when they first became available as they were novel and fun.
I received a mailing from them before Father's Day, which said 'what sort of father do you have, Nona?' I wrote back, 'a dead one.' A crass question which deserved a silly - but true - answer. They wrote back to me apologising for their insensitivity and offering to remove my name from their mailing list, to which I readily agreed.

Christinefrance Tue 16-May-17 13:39:15

I have had a response from Moonpig. They apologised for any distress or offence caused and will pass my feedback to the advertising team.
I had a mail shot as well Nona asking if the recipient of a card I sent enjoyed it - it was a condolence card. Think these generic mail shots can be crass as you say.

harrigran Wed 17-May-17 08:08:29

None of our family use Moonpig now. I still get the emails reminding me to get mother and father day cards, my parents would be 107 if they were still here. Asking for feedback on each card you ordered is annoying too, I never know whether someone enjoyed their card as most people don't mention it.