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DotMH1901 Sun 11-Jun-17 12:15:32

Have other Gransnetter's gone on a Park holiday? My DD had to take my GC 250 miles to see their Dad in the school holidays and we thought staying the week in a Holiday Park nearby would be ideal as they could come and go with Dad as they wanted. It was advertised as family friendly but we found that many of the privately owned caravans on site were rented out on a permanent basis (there is an acute shortage of Council/Housing Association in the area). The children from these caravans guarded the playground and football pitch and it was really difficult for my GC to get any time to play there. Part of me understands that, if you are living there all year you will feel annoyed when 'temporary' children want to play in 'your' home but it has really put me off trying that kind of holiday again. Have any others found this or was it just something that applied to where we stayed? It also advertised a swimming pool on site but we found we were only allocated an hour a day to use it and had to pay extra to do so, again the children living on the site seemed to have established ownership of the foam toys provided and a few arguments erupted during the week about this too (not us, other people just holidaying there).

Riverwalk Sun 11-Jun-17 12:25:08

I recently stayed at a friend's static caravan in the West Country. It was a holiday site and only open from something like March to October so no permanent residents.

Maybe that's the sort of site you should be looking at, rather than Park Homes where people live rather than holiday in.

Nandalot Sun 11-Jun-17 12:32:11

We stayed at Haven site near Hastings last year and that was fine. Not something we have done before. Six year old twins loved it. No problems with any of the facilities.

GrandmaMoira Sun 11-Jun-17 12:53:46

I've stayed at Haven sites in Norfolk. My DGDs love it and there's no problems like that.

whitewave Sun 11-Jun-17 13:29:32

We used to take the grandsons to Cornwall surfing and stay in a Lodge at a Haven site near the boys surfing beach. The standard wasn't bad, but the site facilities were pretty grim, but as the boys had no interest we didn't mind. There are both too old now to go on holiday with Nan and Grandad.

Ana Sun 11-Jun-17 13:35:42

We've stayed at a Haven Park with the GC - they loved it!.

I don't recall the site facilities being 'pretty grim', but I do know those Lodges are certainly not cheap! Depends what you want from a holiday and how much you can afford.

ninathenana Sun 11-Jun-17 13:55:35

Are you refering to Parkdene resorts the company or park holidays as in caravan sites ? D and her partner work for Parkden, their site has a small number of rented vans but mostly owners and tourers. Parkdene site up the road is more like a Haven site and family orientated. I think you have to choose your site carefully.
We have stayed at various Haven sites over the years and never had this problem.

grannypiper Sun 11-Jun-17 14:09:46

I use these sites 3 or 4 times a year sometimes with GC .We have been all over the UK and never once had a problem. We make use of the parks and swimming pools if we have the children but have never made use of the clubhouse entertainment.Maybe you have just been unlucky.

DotMH1901 Mon 12-Jun-17 10:09:50

Thank you for all the replies - it was a holiday site with a part of the site reserved for privately owned caravans (these were the ones that seemed to be rented out to long term families). The facilities on the site were quite poor - the 'shop' had hardly any stock, the cubicle seating in the pool area in the cubicle we had collapsed when my granddaughter sat on it to get changed and there was a general air of neglect about it (the carpet in the bar/restaurant area was sticky with spilt drinks and food). It was not our first choice but was very convenient for their Dad as it was only five minutes away for him.

tanith Mon 12-Jun-17 11:04:43

Go for a Haven site they are well managed, very clean with no such problems we've used them for years and has excellent service and Gray holidays .smile

tanith Mon 12-Jun-17 11:05:19

Great holidays

Eloethan Mon 12-Jun-17 12:44:30

I think perhaps small independent caravan parks would be more prone to this.

In the past we've had holidays at Hoseasons and Haven holiday parks and have not come across any problems. A couple of years ago my son and his partner and children stayed in a holiday park (Hendra) on the outskirts of Newquay and it was a lovely place - clean and well managed and with good facilities.