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To expect a product description to be accurate?

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phoenix Sun 16-Jul-17 16:02:11

Afternoon all.

Mr P is in need of some new shirts for work.

As I enjoy ironing almost as much as I enjoy cleaning ovens (that is say NOT AT ALL) I thought I would look on line for non-stop ones.

On that long river site, one that was listed as "non-iron", looked ok, they had the size option the Mr P needs (he has an unusual body shape confused ), but on reading the blurb after the usual stuff about quality, styling, attention to detail etc it boldly stated:

"A quick run over with the iron, and you're out of the door"

Now, I could be wrong, often am, but in my innocence ignorance, I thought that non-iron actually meant that the garment DID NOT NEED BLOODY IRONING!

phoenix Sun 16-Jul-17 16:03:06

Grrr, damn predictive text, not " non-stop"

Ana Sun 16-Jul-17 16:19:00

Were there any reviews?

They're often more informative than the product 'information' which often doesn't even match the product!

Chewbacca Sun 16-Jul-17 16:25:52

Sorry phoenix , no help to you at all with your quandary but I could be wrong, often am still puts a silly smirk on my face! Not what you wanted to hear, so I'll push off! grin

Ana Sun 16-Jul-17 16:46:59

It gets on my wick now, TBH - but who cares what I think? grin

Greyduster Sun 16-Jul-17 17:11:59

When I was young, my then adult brother used to buy Rael Brook Toplin drip dry non iron shirts - and still asked my mother to iron them for him!

phoenix Sun 16-Jul-17 19:01:59

OK Ana, I'll get me coat, but that phrase will probably piss you off get on your wick too.

Ana Sun 16-Jul-17 19:03:55

Don't worry, lots of things on GN get on my wick!

Ana Sun 16-Jul-17 19:05:30

And I'm sure I get on others' wicks too...

rosesarered Sun 16-Jul-17 19:28:35

grin.....I think that we all must do from time to time Ana

Phoenix product descriptions often seem to be written by 8 year olds ( possibly 8 year olds not fluent in English) so I always check reviews on anything before I buy.
Nothing is truly non iron ( Mens shirts) but DH has a few 'country style' checked shirts that are ok if given a short wash cycle, whipped out of the machine the minute the cycle ends and put on a hanger to dry.

Cold Mon 17-Jul-17 11:30:31

Is the item actually sold by the long river internet company or is it from one of the numerous private sellers on the site? You may need to do a little research as some stuff seems to come from China and from companies that are not always reputable sellers.