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To have liked to be warned/told.

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annsixty Sun 30-Jul-17 11:42:50

while we were in our garden yesterday afternoon we became aware of balloons,banners and a large gazebo being put up in the garden next door.
Living on a housing estate as we do we are cheek by jowl with our neighbours.
We get on well with them , have keys and the alarm code for emergencies, take parcels in etc.
it seems they were giving a 30th birthday party for their daughter who doesn't live at home,
All they had to do was pop their head over the fence and say what was happening so we were warned.
The party started 7ish and went on until 3am.
It was extremely loud and increasingly raucous.
I really didn't mind, celebrations are lovely, but the courtesy of being told would have been appreciated.

GrandmaMoira Sun 30-Jul-17 11:55:02

Some people are just thoughtless. of course, it would have been courteous to have been told and even to have been invited to pop in for a drink.

ninathenana Sun 30-Jul-17 12:07:08

It was rather rude not to warn you and if you get on well, even more rude not to invite you to pop round.

geeljay Sun 30-Jul-17 12:12:47

It would have been courteous to let you know what they planned. Even nicer, if they had said, "If we are noisy, pop round and have a noggin with us" My neighbours occasionally have a gathering on a nice evening. It can be noisy and late, but I would feel mean to complain, as it doesnt't happen too often.

Penstemmon Sun 30-Jul-17 12:22:39

As you are on neighbourly terms it would have been thoughtful to let you know and to say you would be welcome to pop in for a drink!

Some folk are just a bit thoughtless/ busy..or maybe everyone next door thought someone else had spoken to you.

I would pop round to them with a birthday card and say you heard everyone having a great party! wink

Smileless2012 Sun 30-Jul-17 12:28:39

Yes I agree. If we were ever having 'a bit of a do' we always told the neighbours on either side and told them to feel free to pop in for a drink.