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To be smiling cos the shine has slipped?

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Nelliemoser Sun 17-Sep-17 16:33:47

It happen's with my two little DGS's . But my DD says that the parent they always want is the one who is not there. What ever it is they are whinging about. Divide and rule.

Imperfect27 Sun 17-Sep-17 14:14:48

Ha ha ha Katey - delicious!

I have a dear friend who is an absolutely lovely nanny, but GD and GS are very close and she is in that same sense of shadow. I keep telling her it will change grin.

Kateykrunch Sun 17-Sep-17 13:25:34

5 year old twins stayed over the weekend and their GD is their number 1, with me in the shadow, I do everything to please them, arrange everything we go to, am kind and lovely to them, but still GD who is the 3rd kid and means I have to control all three of them is just the best, the hero! BUT, a question was asked this weekend (and I keep mentioning it to GD whilst laughing hysterically), the question asked by both of them was "GRANDAD, WHY ARE YOU SO GRUMPY", hehehehehehehehe.