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Oscar nominee freebies

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Rosieroe Sun 04-Mar-18 09:15:55

Have you seen the list of contents each Oscar nominee gets in a freebie bag? I find it obscene that they are gifted so much when they surely have been rewarded already. Why can they not simply be allowed to name a charitable cause that the value of all this could go to.

Oopsadaisy12 Sun 04-Mar-18 10:00:10

Probably because the goods are all donated FOC, as a marketing ploy, they must need a small van to deliver all this stuff, or maybe they just get vouchers and have to go into the store to redeem them. I can just see all these A listers standing in a queue to get their arm pit sweat preventers.
I don’t like the offer of a pinhole dental treatment either
Whatever that is.....

Teetime Sun 04-Mar-18 10:04:52

In an episode of Episodes (Netflix) Matt le Blanc character takes Tamsin Greg to the Gifting Suite of an awards ceremony - its just companies advertising and giving away their wares. Strange to see Tamsin's character overwhelmed by greed - she always plays such a nice person e.g. Debbie in The Archers.

vampirequeen Sun 04-Mar-18 10:23:07

What a strange collection of things. I wonder how gifts they actually use. I have to admit I was confused by the Justice for Vets symbolic coin. I couldn't for the life of me think what was happening to vets....animal doctors. Then the penny dropped (no pun intended) the coin is about Veterans not vets grin

silverlining48 Sun 04-Mar-18 13:46:20

There are always luxurious freebies for very wealthy people one such, ex friend, told me the richer you are the less you need to put your hand in your pocket. They never had to pay for most things including luxury trips, yachts, private jets to private islands, yet when she and I used to go out who would end up paying for lunch, yes you have guessed, it was me and fool that I was, i did.

Parsleywin Sun 04-Mar-18 14:13:37

Yes, I heard on the radio that the gifts are worth £100k each and include a trip to Tanzania. I think it's ludicrous and obscene, showering the 'haves' with more than they could possibly need while the 'have nots' watch.

I mount my high horse every year when the free tickets and hospitality are dished out to 'celebrities' for the big summer events like Wimbledon. Ugh!

BlueBelle Sun 04-Mar-18 14:17:55

I hate all this materialism and celebrity adoration I really think I should have been born on a desert island I have much more admiration for people who just plod on a normal daily life
I can’t even be bothered to read the list it’s totally obscene I would admire them more if they gave all of that to a third world country or the homeless in their own country blooming awful spoilt Madonna’s I can’t even bear to watch those so called ‘ceremonies’

MissAdventure Sun 04-Mar-18 14:19:49

Repulsive, I agree.

Bridgeit Sun 04-Mar-18 14:20:46

Same here Bluebelle, I haven’t a clue & couldn’t care less.

maryeliza54 Sun 04-Mar-18 14:22:09

And wait till we hear about all the wedding presents companies will be desperate to shower on Harry and Meghan - I’m a bit hopeful that they might put out a no presents please and ask for cash donations to their Foundation or whatever.

Bridgeit Sun 04-Mar-18 14:24:38

I agree Maryleliza, I’m sure they will, I, believe I read some where that they all do that.

Jalima1108 Sun 04-Mar-18 14:27:18

But they are so generous in their praise when they receive an award for pretending to be someone else, eg a realhero and getting paid obscene amounts for it Bluebelle!

"and I wanna thank the wonderful director, the sublime producer, the great sound person, the ingenious screen writer, the cinematographer, the sound engineers the makeup artistes for disguising my blotchy skin, the hair designers for my hair extensions luscious locks, my co-star (incidentally paid more than me because he's male smile), my mom, my dad, my cat, my cat minder, the person who put together these wonderful gifts ......"

Fingers down throat

Witzend Mon 05-Mar-18 09:52:03

Well, have to say that for once, I really did care about who won Best Male Actor - richly deserved IMO by Gary Oldman for his astonishing performance.

I can't get worked up about freebies - these things have always gone on whether we like it or not, so not much use fretting.

Jalima1108 Mon 05-Mar-18 11:03:57

Worth it for this too:

I love Maisie's big smile!! smile

Deedaa Thu 08-Mar-18 22:07:15

Very pleased that Gary Oldman has finally got his Oscar. I've been waiting for it since Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. And Maisie is just lovely!