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Rufus2 Sat 14-Apr-18 12:39:53

My post about Facebook, which I thought was hilarious, being a non-FB person!, (has brightened up a shocking Saturday, weatherwise , here in Melbourne,) appears to have triggered off debates of the political and religious kind.
Like them, it's a "with us or against us" scenario with no chance of anyone being converted. So I think I'll leave that behind. grin
No; the reason I'm back is to ask for help regarding the abrupt disappearance of a posting, just when I'm about to "send". sad It's not a "delete" problem as there isn't one.
I'm a one-finger typist so it's a pain to repeat; an option is to say "forget it" and do something else. smile
My fault; I neglected the basic rule Save, Save, Save.
Any thoughts on this?
As a reward I'll leave 2 snippets from that "Evergreen" magazine (I telephoned the editor in London about copyright and she said no problem, but remember to give us plug! ) Quid pro quo. wink

Said Hamlet to Ophelia,
"I'll draw a sketch of thee.
What kind of pencil shall I use,
2B or not 2B?"

Parents spend the first 2 years of their children's lives teaching them to walk and talk. Then they spend the next 16 to sit down and shut up!

I think they're amusing anyway. grin

Good Health

LynneB59 Sun 15-Apr-18 23:37:11

I don't understand any of what you're saying

MawBroon Sun 15-Apr-18 23:47:16

I particularly like the Hamlet one.
As for disappearing posts, it’s called Gremlins and there is no redress.
Don’t worry about your thread turning political - most things do and there are some who could turn a thread on Digestive biscuits into a debate on Brexit.

Farmor15 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:46:58

Hi Rufus- I’ve lost posts I’ve spent a bit of time typing too. One reason was hitting “back” button (arrow) to read some posts on previous page - everything I’d typed disappeared but re-appeared when I pressed forward arrow!

Another issue was related to internet connection dropping, and battery on iPad running out.

Keep trying - I enjoyed your Hamlet joke!

Bluegal Mon 16-Apr-18 17:12:08

😂😂. So true about parents lol. Other than that have no clue why your posts disappear. Maybe the computer gets confused 😐

Jalima1108 Mon 16-Apr-18 17:21:22

You are not alone Rufus

On several occasions I have typed out a well-researched, erudite post, only to have a fat finger hit some key which makes it all disappear and I find myself back at screen-saver.

Then I think, 'ah well, perhaps just as well I didn't post that'
and I don't think you can save a post as you go along.

ps I thought that, with Melbourne weather, you just wait for five minutes and it changes to another season.

Granny23 Mon 16-Apr-18 17:32:35

If typing a long post, you can copy it (Ctrl+C) every so often, or if you want to check a post further back the thread. If you return to an empty box simply use Ctrl +V to bring your gems of wisdom back.

Rufus2 Tue 17-Apr-18 03:28:36

Jalima1108 You are absolutely right about our weather. smile You must be a Sidneysider. shock
With my speed of typing we can have the 4 seasons before I've got to end of a posting, which can often take more than the traditional 5 minutes, so it repeats the cycle. Melbourne; "the world's most liveable city" sad

PA! dreamt, (or should that be dreamed?) up by people who've never been further than the outer suburbs.
Oh dear; now I'll cop it! wink

Seriously; thanks for all your advices. Awesome!
I know all about Ctrl C and Ctrl V (I think), but they don't seem to work for me in "postings"; keep plugging away.
Good Health