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celebrity compensation award

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mabon1 Wed 18-Jul-18 17:40:52

One of my sons was involved in a dreadful road traffic accident some years ago, (the innocent party) he sustained major physical injuries and a head injury which has prevented him from being able to work. His compensation was £280,000.00. after a 14 year battle. I hear that a multi-millionaire celebrity singer has been awarded at least £210,00.00. against the BBC, how fair is that?

BlueBelle Wed 18-Jul-18 17:44:26

That is only his first payment Mabon no it’s not fair by a merry mile

mumofmadboys Wed 18-Jul-18 18:18:52

You cannot be avoided damages depending on how much you have in the bank.

rubytut Wed 18-Jul-18 18:19:12

No it is not fair, I think it depends on how much you can pay for a legal team.

Eloethan Wed 18-Jul-18 21:27:18

It does seem very unfair.

Luckygirl Wed 18-Jul-18 21:55:06

I don't think he will finish up in profit after he has paid his lawyers. He has established a principle though which is good.

MissAdventure Wed 18-Jul-18 22:09:23

I think a lot of celebrities donate any money awarded in damages.

Iam64 Wed 18-Jul-18 22:15:06

I hope that is what happens in this case, that the compensation goes to charity

janeainsworth Wed 18-Jul-18 22:39:06

I am sorry to hear about your son’s accident Mabon, but I don’t think the two are comparable.
I presume you are referring to Sir Cliff Richard’s successful claim against the BBC. I am not a lawyer but I think the damages awarded to him will not have been simply compensation for what he went through, but exemplary damages against the BBC, as punishment for their wrongdoing.

Luckygirl Thu 19-Jul-18 08:45:37

His lawyer said his costs altogether are likely to be £4million.

Sorry to hear about your son. I used to work with a head injury service and it was so frustrating that compensation claims took such a ridiculous amount of time.

gillybob Thu 19-Jul-18 09:04:22

I think there is a lot more £ to cone CR’s way than the £210,000 already awarded . The courts always pay out more to celebrities for defermation of character than they do for an ordinary Joe who is a victim of crime. I doubt the £210,000 plus whatever else comes his way will change CR’s life as it would for most other people though . Any “normal”person wrongly accused of sonething serious ( think men wrongly accused of rape etc) would be lucky to get so much as an apology.

gillybob Thu 19-Jul-18 09:04:35

Come not cone

Anniebach Thu 19-Jul-18 09:18:07

So sorry so learn about your son mabon.

The BBC will pay the money awarded but no more.

Gilly, it was an invasion of privacy case.

Luckygirl Thu 19-Jul-18 09:20:55

It really is quite wrong that the police informed the BBC who then leapt at it like a dog with a bone to maximise their "scoop".

Legitimate to inform them if and when they had substantial evidence of wrongdoing, and the dissemination of that info might have been of importance in allowing other victims to come forward. But to pass this info on at the very beginning of an investigation was quite wrong.

I agree that people who are not celebrities can also fall foul of this; but CR's actions might move this forward for everyone. He has the cash to establish this principle, which could benefit others.

gillybob Thu 19-Jul-18 09:57:56

Yes I know that Annie thank you . smile

gillybob Thu 19-Jul-18 09:58:53

I still think someone in the police tipped the BBC off “ for a small fee” .

humptydumpty Thu 19-Jul-18 10:06:02

Whether they did or not, it was outrageous that the BBC had a helicopter filming the raid, when he had not been arrested or charged; and after all, this would not have happened if he were not a celebrity, so I don't think it can be compared with the situation for members of the public.

Anniebach Thu 19-Jul-18 10:15:43

If my house was being searched a helicopter filming the police searching in my knickers drawer would be in the public interest ?