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AIBU to have had enough?

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tictac Sat 21-Jul-18 13:42:58

Everyone I know has been having a go at me for daring to say this. But I can't cope with this weather much longer. It is relentless and although we have fans the heat has built up over the last weeks to the point where they are just blowing hot air around. I can't sleep and I am sweaty all the time and I am praying for rain

MissAdventure Sat 21-Jul-18 16:49:01

My mum loved the nice weather.
She was always as brown as a berry from doing the garden.
Whilst I sat in the shade, complaining...

PECS Sat 21-Jul-18 17:13:52

I have been OK-ish in the heat..I seem to cope better now than when I was in my 40s .
We better all start doing our bit to reduce climate change to prevent it getting worse! Walk more/use public transport. Re-use & recycle and stop replacing all consumer items (clothes too) until absolutely necessary. Eat less/no meat. Buy local.

Elrel Sat 21-Jul-18 17:24:23

Just this year my ankles have started swelling and stiffening in the heat. I’ve never before felt negative about sunny weather, not even when working and pregnant in ‘76.
I’m taking every opportunity to put my feet up ...

watermeadow Sat 21-Jul-18 17:24:45

What makes me mad about this weather is the media’s use of the word WARM. How hot does it have to get before forecasts and news can say HOT?
It’s been HOT for weeks, it’s getting HOTTER and at its HOTTEST it’s killing people.
I blame Theresa May.

tictac Sat 21-Jul-18 17:52:24

I’m in London. They are saying it could be 35 next week. Thank you for the cool bath advice I will try that

notoveryet Sat 21-Jul-18 17:55:59

I am loving it.My dad was in India during the war and absolutely loved the heat. I'm sorry for those who don't like it but I shall be feeling just as unhappy as you are now when the cold weather arrives.

sodapop Sat 21-Jul-18 18:08:22

I used to have the same luck as you Greyduster in fact people used to ask us when we were going away so they could avoid those weeks.
We went on holiday in the summer of 76 to Wales and it poured on the first day.

rubytut Sat 21-Jul-18 18:16:18

I cannot stand it, I am sweaty, bad tempered,sluggish and everything is such an effort.

Synonymous Sat 21-Jul-18 18:25:57

I would like it to rain gently at night and not be quite so hot in the day but on the whole it is lovely to not have quite so much arthritic pain. The garden would also enjoy it more if it was watered nightly as the maker originally intended.

I bought the kitten one of those pet cooling mats which he has eyed with great suspicion but also surprise when he has remained on it for more than a wink of the eye so that the coolant is activated. I am thinking about getting another as it feels so good and our gardener loves it when I post it down the back of his chair when I give him a cold drink. smile

Lazigirl Sat 21-Jul-18 18:26:56

I sympathise with everyone who can't manage the heat. I am an autumn winter person and so happy once nights start drawing in. I think it has much to do with your genetic makeup. I have friends who love the heat and are brown as berries, whilst I am pasty white.

maryhoffman37 Sat 21-Jul-18 19:42:23

Lawns will recover! I love that we are actually having a summer, unlike the past many years.

Beammeup Sat 21-Jul-18 19:57:30

Everybody is going to have a go at me for saying it isn't nearly hot enough to send round an SOS about climate warming, demonstrably and in large parts caused by human activity. When food is scarce, water is scarce and global food distribution wars knock on the door more people will ditch their cars, shop ethically and take better care of the planet.

Jane10 Sat 21-Jul-18 20:13:23

Absolutely hate the horrible hot weather. We've been quite a lot cooler over the past few days and actually had some rain. I was so happy to be almost cold! Even had to put my Ugg slippers on. Lovely!

bikergran Sat 21-Jul-18 20:49:40

Been a lot cooler here in N west Lancashire...quite nice actually ..Juts come back from Whitby been lovely apart from a Tuesday afternoon where we had to put our coats/cardies on lol.

Nice n cool tonight just enough for t shirt on.

hicaz46 Sat 21-Jul-18 21:44:58

Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and put in fridge or freezer. Take it out just before bed time and take to bed with you to keep you cool all night!

minesaprosecco Sat 21-Jul-18 22:48:14

hicaz, I was just about to post that tip! Having cool feet really does help to keep everything else cool. I wrap mine in a towel so I can comfortably keep my feet on it all night if necessary.

MissAdventure Sat 21-Jul-18 22:52:07

Oh thanks for the tips! I shall try the cold water bottle one tonight. smile

Bathsheba Sat 21-Jul-18 23:00:55

I won't be trying the cool bath trick, even though it would almost certainly work and keep me cool all night through. If only for the reason that although I can manage to get in the bath, I cannot manage to get out again grin

Bellanonna Sat 21-Jul-18 23:03:46

Well, at least you’d keep cool all night Bathsheba 🙂

SueDonim Sat 21-Jul-18 23:22:25

It's not been hugely hot here in my area of Scotland but I get that perpetual heat can be wearing.

Tictac a trick a friend who lives in warmer climes swears by is to fill a used 2L soft drink bottle, freeze it, then place it in front of your fan, so that it cools the air as it passes over.

notanan2 Sat 21-Jul-18 23:50:00

I like it but you are not wrong to moan, I don't see why other people like me who are enjoying the heat wave can't see that extreme weather of any kind can be problematic for others.

I'm not going to enjoy the rain but I will be glad the farmers get some.

Moan away!

MissAdventure Sun 22-Jul-18 00:18:45

I've got appallingly itchy feet! They're driving me mad.
It looks a bit like dermatitis..

Blencathra Sun 22-Jul-18 06:47:42

My body doesn't cope well with the heat but I love the fact that we have a proper summer and wake up with a blue sky and can go out for the day without a jacket, cardigan or waterproof. It won't last all that long.

Barmeyoldbat Sun 22-Jul-18 08:25:01

I love it, hate getting up early and eating breakfast in the garden, no aches or pains they only arrive in the winter, saving money on heating, good excuse for having a sleep in the afternoon inside or in the shade and not having to take warm clothing with me when I go out just in case. Love it.

chelseababy Sun 22-Jul-18 08:32:39

If you have a loft open the hatch. It's surprising what a difference it makes. Hot air rises!