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Howjado Sat 04-Aug-18 17:56:53

I meet a friend at a weekly line dancing class. Unbeknown to me we both stopped going to class at the end of May, both suffering from sciatica. I had a text from her yesterday; she has had two sessions with a NHS physiotherapist and has a MRI scan booked for September. She is back dancing. Me, I am still popping the pain killers and waiting for a physio appointment. How can this be right?

rubytut Sat 04-Aug-18 18:05:04

You can choose where you have NHS treatment, if you start on the NHS website you will be able to see waiting times for treatments and depending on how far you are willing to travel could get it quicker than at your local hospital.

Chewbacca Sat 04-Aug-18 18:05:44

You don't say whether you've been to see your GP about your sciatica Howjado? If you have, have you asked if you can be referred for physio or an MRI scan? Maybe your friend has been very proactive about her sciatica and not been satisfied with just popping pills. Sorry to say but, in the current climate with the NHS, don't ask, don't get. Get to your GP and start asking.

ninathenana Sat 04-Aug-18 18:10:27

I thought from the title you'd had won some money Howjado

Sorry, it's not better news for you.

Melanieeastanglia Sat 04-Aug-18 18:37:38

rubytut and Chewbacca have given very good advice.

You do have to be politely firm with Doctors sometimes.

Hope you're dancing again soon.

Howjado Sat 04-Aug-18 18:45:27

I first went to the doctors ten weeks ago. Been twice since, but now he is waiting to hear from the Community Musculoskeletal Assessment Service before he wants to see me again. You are right Chewbacca, I need to start asking. The trouble is I am waiting for the doctor to fill out a holiday cancellation insurance form so don't want to upset him.