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Annoying adverts

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Namsnanny Fri 17-Aug-18 00:13:55

AIBU To dislike being bombarded with adverts selling products for our...'undercarriage'!!

Not I word I use normally, so please excuse my British unease!!

I'm referring to the deluge of products to help us with urine, menstruation, dryness, flatulence, haemorrhoids, and erection problems!! Not forgetting of course the products that can deliver suuuuuch good orgasms!!

In these adverts people dance, groan, bounce, skip, cough, laugh and generally get on my nerves.

I'm just fed up with being reminded of peoples......groins!!

And I cant always get to the remote quick enough to shut them off! grin

OldMeg Fri 17-Aug-18 06:22:36

The incontinence ones for Tena etc do annoy me, especially that stupid one at the Brazilian Carnival....oh and that one of the bride on the slide wire.

absent Fri 17-Aug-18 06:29:14

Advertisements, with a very few exceptions, annoy me. I haven't actually watched any tv programmes for several years, so I am somewhat out of touch. I did the love the Bacardi cat, but it never made me buy rum.

I think it is still true that most of the people who design advertisements are men – who, of course, are experts on menstruation, menopause and post-natal urinary problems.

OldMeg Fri 17-Aug-18 06:40:22


OldMeg Fri 17-Aug-18 06:40:47

I meant zip wire.

M0nica Fri 17-Aug-18 07:28:14

Not seen any of these. Is this because I do not watch tv very much or because I have AdBlocker on my computer?

yggdrasil Fri 17-Aug-18 09:03:01

Probably both Monica :-)
You could always record all the interesting programmes that have adverts, and play them when you want, fast forwarding through the ads.