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Where are they now:Jeremy Corbyn & Nigel Farraage?

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Bridgeit Wed 22-Aug-18 14:34:10

As the tile asks where are they.
Jeremy seems to have disappeared from political debate or comment.
And Nigel having had his day instigating the Leave campaign seems to have gone to ground.

Perhaps they are very busy involved with political overload, if so the press seem to be giving them a wide birth & just don’t seem to be bothered to report anything about them anymore .

Perhaps I am being lazy & not reading/looking in the right places
Any thoughts / information on the subject GNetters?

Anniebach Thu 23-Aug-18 13:10:05

Corbyn got media coverage for the right reasons

Grandad1943 Thu 23-Aug-18 13:02:14

kittylester, I am working today, so have not had time to read the other thread you mention. If JC has got any media attention at this time of the year I tend to think it is provably for all the wrong reasons once again.

Anyway kittylester, I will have a look at the Corbyn/BBC thread and post if it is of interest to me and I find time. However, nobody in this office is sure what time they are likely to get out of here this evening it would seem.

Anyway, coffee over, head down again wink

POGS Thu 23-Aug-18 12:53:37


"It's August the holiday season, and Parliament is not in session. Only Government statements get any media publicity and no other political party/body gets any attention. "

Have you been on a long holiday?

Corbyn has had plenty of coverage over the holidays and I am sure you know that. It was a topic that has been debated for years . He has kept his down in my opinion. He is in the media now is he not.

As for Farage I will only be interested if and when he becomes relevant . Maybe sooner or later than I think , who knows.

kittylester Thu 23-Aug-18 11:57:37

grandad1943 the other thread (Corbyn and the BBC) proves you are mistaken I think.

Anniebach Thu 23-Aug-18 11:52:34

Isn’t she in holiday ?

trisher Thu 23-Aug-18 11:42:47

Might it also be appropriate (and far more important) to ask where Mrs May is currently hiding, hoping it will all go away?

Jalima1108 Thu 23-Aug-18 11:26:56

sorry, wrong thread

Jalima1108 Thu 23-Aug-18 11:26:29

Where would Corbyn place himself in the out-dated class system then?

I always thought he was 'upper middle class' - at least in the old days.

Grandad1943 Thu 23-Aug-18 11:15:26

It's August the holiday season, and Parliament is not in session. Only Government statements get any media publicity and no other political party/body gets any attention.

That is the situation every year at this time regarding opposition parties getting publicity for their views.

Diana54 Thu 23-Aug-18 08:24:07

Corbyn is sitting on the fence deciding which way the Brexit wind is blowing, we shouldnt really expect anything else, he wants to be PM.
Farage, is stirring whenever the media will listen.

NfkDumpling Thu 23-Aug-18 07:54:46

Sorry, didn’t realise there was another thread on his definition of social class.

NfkDumpling Thu 23-Aug-18 07:50:40

Social class? How would that work? Salary or wage? State or private school?

Anniebach Wed 22-Aug-18 22:55:00

Corbyn wants the BBC to publish the social class of staff and the occupations of their parents

Chewbacca Wed 22-Aug-18 20:52:29

Dunno Annie but the Guardian says this "^Jeremy Corbyn has indicated that Labour could devolve some parts of asylum policy to Scotland, as he condemned Home Office handling of individual refugee cases in Glasgow.^

And says this "^The Scottish Government have called for the devolution of migration powers but Mr Corbyn said it could cause "many complications".^

Either way, he hasn't divulged any alternative plans to the current existing arrangements afaik.

Anniebach Wed 22-Aug-18 20:38:59

Where is he going to house refugees and asylum seekers when he removes them from the private sector ?

Jalima1108 Wed 22-Aug-18 20:26:11

Are they on holiday together?

Well - you never know!

kittylester Wed 22-Aug-18 19:53:41

Why would anyone be interested in the whereabouts of either of them? confused

Chewbacca Wed 22-Aug-18 19:39:54

"Whilst Corbyn is in Scotland he's been meeting refugees and asylum seekers regarding ending their accommodation in the private sector and also discussing having immigration and asylum policies devolved to Scotland." Not mentioned anything about any 2nd vote yet.

Jeremy Corbyn has called for an end to the privatisation of refugee accommodation as he met asylum seekers in Glasgow.

Anniebach Wed 22-Aug-18 19:17:32

Yes Baggs he has but most of the labour MP disagree with him

Baggs Wed 22-Aug-18 19:02:23

Corbyn's not the only one who said the referendum vote was to leave and that's that. Our Prime Minister at the time said whatever the vote was would be implemented too.

Hasn't Corbyn always been a Eurosceptic?
I believe he's in Glasgow this week.

petra Wed 22-Aug-18 18:56:38

As I said on another thread * all the Brexit campaigns are getting together* to fight against the chequers white paper.
I'm sure NF is very very busy.

Fennel Wed 22-Aug-18 18:34:41

As NiceNanny says, NF is on LBC, very often, and has by no means given up.

Anniebach Wed 22-Aug-18 16:50:41

If he finds any Jennifer he will soon forget he was there

JenniferEccles Wed 22-Aug-18 16:18:57

I have no idea of Nigel Farage's whereabouts, but as for Corbyn, well, he's probably very busy trying to locate other graves of vile terrorists to lay wreaths at.

yggdrasil Wed 22-Aug-18 15:58:00

I've said before, you need to see other media than MSM. Like EvolvePolitics via the Independent Media Group on Facebook. Or France24 or AlJAzeera on the tv as examples.
Channel 4 is not too biassed, unlike the BBC *
Most of the anti-semitic stuff just got out of hand, with provably outright lies being spread by Tory supporters, all of which just increased Labour membership.
(* BBC took no action against Lizzi Watson, in her capacity as editor on the 6 O'Clock and 10 O'Clock News? She was last week allowed to oversee reports on Margaret Hodge - HER OWN MOTHER?)

Nigel Farage has his London only radio programme. Since he wants a no-deal crash-out Brexit he is a bit out of line with the rest of the country, but I'm sure he'll be back when he stops getting his MEP salary