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Case worker to meet my son

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ninathenana Thu 06-Sep-18 11:18:46

DS has had a new case worker for about 4 mths now. We only found out the previous one had left after trying several times to contact her.
Today the new CW rang, which was the first contact we'd had from her.
DS dosen't "do" phones so she hasn't even spoken to him. All she knows about him is what the previous CW will have put in his notes, which quiet frankly I wouldn't expect to be much.

AIBU to expect her to at least neet DS ?

ninathenana Thu 06-Sep-18 11:19:42


annsixty Thu 06-Sep-18 12:07:41

No you are not being unreasonable.
I am just a few months down the line dealing with SS, and I am at a loss as to what goes on.
It is Adult care I am dealing with and I do know how stretched they are so I do make allowances ,some of it is messages not being passed on or not being passed on correctly and there are few excuses for that, and don't get me started about the MH team.
However a visiting senior nurse practitioner has been wonderful.
Good luck for you and your boy nina.

JudyJudy12 Thu 06-Sep-18 12:20:25

I am sure the CW will meet your son when needed, they are so stretched that until there is a reason they do not have time to just introduce themselves.
If you think about it from the other side, if you needed an appointment you would not want a delay because the CW is just out saying hello to new clients.

Luckygirl Thu 06-Sep-18 12:22:08

Well,she can't be his case worker till she has met him and I am sure that is what she will do.

ninathenana Thu 06-Sep-18 12:31:36

Yes, I fully appreciate they are stretched but it's been four months now and I don't see how she can "support" DS when she knows nothing about him.
Luckygirl I thought she was phoning to arrange a meeting but no mention of that at a later date. All she was interested in was his direct payment card. She didn't even ask if there were any problems.

DoraMarr Thu 06-Sep-18 14:53:05

Don’t worry- she will have read his notes and probably had a handover session with his previous SW. My daughter is a social worker, and she says that they are stretched to the limit, so it’s not the SW’s fault if she hasn’t had time to contact you yet, she will be taking over lots of cases- probably more than is reasonable, but she (he?) will, if they are anything like my daughter, do their very best to care for your son.