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jollyg Tue 09-Oct-18 09:26:28

I have moved from a house, to a flat. Before Amazon used to deliver to the door, now they have sent the parcel miles away to a mall , and there is no access by bus for me, and I cant walk too far.

Trying to email Amazon is a waste of space as there is no address, to address my complaint to, its all Do Not Reply.

Any suggestions, all welcome.

Elegran Tue 09-Oct-18 10:19:51

The bigger the organisation, the harder it is to contact them! There is a place on your order for contacting the seller - that might work.

The only thing I can suggest for the future is to find and add a more local collection point to the delivery options in your account. There is a place to add your addresses (I send gifts direct to granchildren, saves repacking and posting) and ther you can specify "Local Collect at . . . ." They have a map of collection points, and you may find a nearer one. You still have to carry it home!

The other possibility is to have it delivered to a friend or neighbour who is prepared to recive it and bring it to you, not easy if you have just moved house.

Elegran Tue 09-Oct-18 10:20:27

Missed out a d in grandchildren. Tut!

Elegran Tue 09-Oct-18 10:21:52

And two other mistypes. More haste, less accuracy.

Katek Tue 09-Oct-18 10:28:31

Know the feeling Elegran - nearly posted ‘seam’ then ’atm’ for ‘arm’. In my defence I had little sleep last night thanks to a barking dog somewhere plus snoring DH!

Why will Amazon not deliver to your flat jollyg? Was there any indication of this on your order?

MiniMoon Tue 09-Oct-18 11:37:12

My DD lived in a flat on the first floor, which was accessed by a long flight of stairs. Amazon always delivered to her door. I wonder why they didn't deliver your package to your new address, it seems strange to send it to a pick up point if you had given them your address when ordering. Have you tried talking to the people at the pick up point? They might be able to help.

Elegran Tue 09-Oct-18 11:42:44

Amazon deliveries are done by subcontractors, often small local firms. The drivers only get something like 50p per item, so if it is a big effort to get it to your door, they are likely to take the easy way out.

However, there should be some way of letting you know in advance that your order is going to be left at a pickup point.

humptydumpty Tue 09-Oct-18 11:59:36

There is an option on Amazon to specify a 'safge place' if there's no-one in - maybe you could use that?

jollyg Tue 09-Oct-18 12:01:42

Thanks for your replies. I have tried all your suggestions. The adress is not out in the sticks, pretty central.
It will be while before I order from Amazon again. Good service on ebay though.