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Disgusting if true !

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Bridgeit Mon 22-Oct-18 14:21:16

An ally of David Davis? Claimed Mrs May was entering “the killing zone” also this: one who wants to topple her added”Assassination is in the air”
Also (allegedly) not attributed to anyone
This comment: The moment is coming when the knife gets heated, stuck in her front and twisted. She’ll be dead soon.
Also: Attributed to one senior Brexiteer. ‘ She should bring her own noose.
What absolutely barbaric disgusting people they are, they should be removed from their positions in governance.!

gmelon Mon 22-Oct-18 14:31:00

I think there is a thread on this already.
"Knives and nooses".

Bridgeit Mon 22-Oct-18 14:39:11

Ohhps sorry,thanks Gmelon.

gmelon Mon 22-Oct-18 15:13:10


Mycatisahacker Tue 23-Oct-18 10:01:55

It’s hideous op I agree totally

Elrel Sun 28-Oct-18 13:25:03

These are the people running our country ?