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watermeadow Fri 02-Nov-18 20:52:44

rather expect to be offered something to eat if you visited at 12.30 and stayed an hour?
I was going to the dentist and told sister I would call on my way back. I’m still on BST so was starving.

sodapop Fri 02-Nov-18 21:02:18

You should have said I'm sure your sister would have found something for you. Different if it was a friend or neighbour. I get irritable when I am hungry so know you feel.

annep Fri 02-Nov-18 22:47:19

I always offer food if people visit around meal times. I hate being presented with lots of cakes buns chocolate biscuits which always happens .I have actually asked my son if he could make me some toast instead. Same with drinks. None of my friends or family ever have decaff. even though they know I only drink decaff. I try to remember to bring some rooibos tea with me. Moan over! So yes I sympathise. But I dont like asking.

Eglantine21 Fri 02-Nov-18 22:54:47

I don’t eat during the day ( breakfast then early evening meal) so I must admit it wouldn’t occur to me. I’m not sure I’d have anything in the house to offer other than fruit.

What kind of thing were you expecting? I’m wondering if I need to get something in for midday callers!

janeainsworth Fri 02-Nov-18 23:11:04

If it was my sister, yes. A friend, no.
But I’d just ask my sister for something if it wasn’t forthcoming!

Teacheranne Fri 02-Nov-18 23:11:07

I would not expect to be offered more than a drink and a biscuit unless I had been invited for lunch. Although if I was hungry at my sisters, I would not hesitate in asking for a snack meal or some toast.

BlueBelle Sat 03-Nov-18 05:27:07

Well if it was your sister why didn’t you ask surely most families would say ‘XXXX I m really hungry have you got anything’ but no I wouldn’t expect on a casual one hours visit to be offered more than a coffee whatever time of day unless you had arranged it and said I ll call on my way back from the dentist shall we have some lunch, is there anything I can bring so in answer to your question yes I think that’s totally unreasonable

M0nica Sat 03-Nov-18 07:40:49

I would have sorted it out before I called in on my sister. I would have asked her whether it was possible to call in over lunchtime and would that cause problems with her lunch.

Your sister would then either have said; Do come and we can have lunch together, or It is alright I will have lunch before you come/delay it until you have gone. You would then have known exactly how things were and planned accordingly.

mcem Sat 03-Nov-18 07:46:09

I'd have taken something with me to share! A couple of M&S sandwiches or a quiche picked up from a local bakery?
I think YABU.

Dolcelatte Sat 03-Nov-18 07:50:22

I might think you wouldn't want to eat if you had been to the dentist. She might have thought you were having a filling or something. But couldn't you have just asked for say a piece of cheese, or why didn't you take something with you to share? Or suggest going out to lunch together?

NanKate Sat 03-Nov-18 07:57:51

I always offer a drink and biscuit to any visitors whatever time of day they come.

Our window cleaner of about 25 years or more always comes in for his cuppa and a chat.

harrigran Sat 03-Nov-18 08:58:32

I would not expect to be fed in the middle of the day and I would only call on someone if we were meeting up to go out for lunch.
My sister likes to have her main meal at lunchtime and then have a nap so I would be intruding.
In answer to your question, YABU.

annep Sat 03-Nov-18 09:01:48

Oh that's nice Nankate.
I often bring scones/fruit or something to heat with me. Good idea to do Watermeadow. Some people tend to feel faint if blood sugar drops which happens to me.

Pittcity Sat 03-Nov-18 09:12:13

I would have told my sister that I would bring something with me for us both if she had not specifically invited me for lunch.

Oldwoman70 Sat 03-Nov-18 09:16:30

I rarely eat mid-day so if someone called in around lunch time I probably wouldn't think to offer them something to eat - just coffee/tea and biscuits.

HurdyGurdy Sat 03-Nov-18 10:28:19

If I had invited myself to their home, especially around a meal time, then no, I wouldn't expect them to offer more than a cuppa, and possibly a biscuit.

If they had invited me to their home at those times, then yes, I would expect food to be offered.

However, having always been brought up to offer drinks/food to anyone who came to my home, then I would offer something to visitors.

EllanVannin Sat 03-Nov-18 11:00:32

Even though I too am just a breakfast and evening meal eater I'd still rustle something up for an unexpected visitor even if it was just cheese on toast. Scones don't take long to make while you're chatting.

Nanagem Sat 03-Nov-18 11:07:58

Mid day, a friend would get drink, biscuits/cake, I don’t think to offer a meal as such. It would depend on how long I thought they were staying, never really thought about it before, just depends on the visit hmm

watermeadow Sat 03-Nov-18 19:28:22

I wasn’t hoping for a proper meal, just a biscuit or a sandwich as It was lunchtime and she knew I was coming.

Deedaa Sat 03-Nov-18 22:46:33

We tend to have the opposite problem. One or two friends always seem to call in around lunch time. They will be going home for their lunch so we have to sit, making polite conversation and starving, till they leave.

absent Sun 04-Nov-18 04:19:34

If someone visits me around lunchtime, I offer lunch. We usually have sandwiches, so that would be the most likely option, but sometimes there are other possibilities such as quiche or sausage rolls. It is a worldwide cultural activity to offer food to visitors and strangers. Let's keep it going.

BlueBelle Sun 04-Nov-18 04:58:40

Watermelon you obviously don’t have a very open relationship with your sister is it so difficult to say to a close relative have you got any biscuits I’m hungry ? People don’t always know your needs unless you express them she’s not a mind reader
Nowadays most people I know don’t have set mealtimes in the daytime Such a little thing to be upset or hurt over

cavewoman Sun 04-Nov-18 06:41:02

If it were my sister I would would raid her fridge.As she would mine.
When I pop in to see friends they always ask what I fancy knowing full well my healthy appetite grin
I also offer snacks to anyone with any cause to cross my threshold. Even the meter reader left with a scone! (He was soaked to the skin and totally fed up)

annep Sun 04-Nov-18 21:35:21

I agree Absent.