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Rosiebelle Sat 10-Nov-18 04:06:16

Hello, everyone.
I am now 70 years old, and over the last year or so, have been getting more and more disabled, such that I can't cope with my garden....I have a large number of shrubs and plants in pots, that I would like to give away, or if you prefer, you might like to make a donation to Cat & Kitten Rescue, who do a great and compassionate job : they helped me directly , too, a few years ago.......
I had an idea : if there are any active older folk who could just help me pick up loads of leaves, twigs, etc., and put them on a tarpaulin ready for me to take to the dump, that would be fantastic : I would give plants, and even pay £10 an hour : 2 hours a month maximum , as I have very little income's easy work if you can bend and walk without significant pain !
By the way, if you know of anyone else, say unemployed, teenager, etc? who would like a few 'bob' extra, that would be a possibility...
It would be such a help if I could just 'place' my lovely plants, rather than throwing them away : they all have stories, from decades of collecting.....
Please , if you are interested, could you reply here.
We could discuss what to do, and even if you don't want to pick up leaves, I could still get the plants ready and leave them outside for collection. At a pinch, I could even possibly deliver, within Chandlers Ford....
It would be so nice to know my dear plants have gone to kind homes !
N.B., Christmas coming up : nice presents?!
Hope to hear from you. Thank you.
R.M. 10 Nov. 2018.

BlueBelle Sat 10-Nov-18 05:20:38

Because this is a worldwide forum I m not sure you will be able to find someone this way wouldn’t it be better to advertise this on a local site or ask a gardening group in your area to help you out perhaps get your local newspaper to print a letter
There are some very good recycling sites I use a couple and you can state how many miles you can travel or f they need to come to you etc
I also use local free sites on Facebook or even eBay as you can use the collection only fascility
I d love your plants but think I probably live the other side of the country
Good luck

Luckygirl Sat 10-Nov-18 08:48:27

I used freecycle when I had plants to give away.

Charleygirl5 Sat 10-Nov-18 10:25:42

Luckygirl that is where all of my indoor plants came from.

glammanana Sat 10-Nov-18 13:35:07

Please as a matter of caution be careful who you give access to your garden.
Have you thought of enquiring at a 6th form college near you I know from my grandchildren pupils are always looking at ways to suppliment their income/pocket money,and they would live close to you I should think.

silverlining48 Sat 10-Nov-18 14:24:50

rosie I live too far but maybe a gran living near you in chandlers ford, hampshire (?) May be able to help, but do be careful. Otherwise the local school/ college idea might be good start.

Alternatively if you could find a gardener for a hour or two a fortnight, my dh worked for £10 an hour gardening, perhaps you can get it sorted out and you can enjoy it and your loved plants. I hope so.

Mabel2 Sat 10-Nov-18 15:00:48

I would suggest contacting your local age UK, they can help you find someone to help you with this. My mil got her gardener through them, they even help with the cost.

NanTheWiser Sat 10-Nov-18 16:17:12

Rosie please don't put your email address on an open forum such as this, you might be bombarded with spam messages, you can report your post to Gransnet, who will be happy to remove it for you.
See if you have "Nextdoor" website for your area, very useful for local news and events, you might have better luck there, or as already mentioned, Freecycle and your local Facebook page is good too.
Good luck!

Patsy70 Sat 10-Nov-18 17:58:03

For safety reasons maybe Rosiebelle's post should be deleted? Lots of good advice here that she may wish to follow up. Good luck!