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to be shocked at this

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kathsue Sun 11-Nov-18 12:45:50

Just received a text message from Wish

Celebrate 11/11 day! Open up to find deals on everything.

Use code "eleven" to get extra discounts.

I am shocked that they would use Remembrance day as a marketing tool. It's so disrespectful.

Teetime Sun 11-Nov-18 12:56:27

Oh dear I agree - how discourteous.

Jane10 Sun 11-Nov-18 13:46:40

Stunned. What is wrong with some people?! angry

nanaK54 Sun 11-Nov-18 13:53:49

Incredibly disrespectful

Nonnie Sun 11-Nov-18 14:22:23

Well that should impact on their marketing in exactly the opposite way that the Iceland thing has. I'm going to share that on Facebook. Let's get it viral.

DoraMarr Sun 11-Nov-18 14:28:54

11/11 is “Singles’ Day”in the US- a manufactured festival based on Fathers’ Day, so I don’t think they were being intentionally disrespectful. Armistice Day isn’t so important in the US. I have had a couple of marketing emails encouraging me to spend on Singles’ Day.

kathsue Sun 11-Nov-18 14:56:06

Thanks DoraMarr, never heard of singles day. I was watching the Remembrance service on TV when I got the text so maybe I jumped to the wrong conclusion.
Just googled 11/11 and apparently it is the best time to make a wish.
I still think they should have been more thoughtful.

Luckylegs9 Sun 11-Nov-18 16:08:13

Another "day" yo celebrate, soon we will be having put the bins out day.