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Do we really need Nigella to show us this?

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GillT57 Sat 17-Nov-18 11:20:28

OK, maybe I am a bit grumpy this morning, but Nigella Lawson is on TV showing us, the idiotic public how to (1) fry bread, add tomatoes and garlic and plop it on a plate and (2) make a toasted ham sandwich.....for heaven's sake. I find her intensely annoying and fake and the fact that she is paid to chuck things in a frying pan, things which would shame a starving student makes me aarghhhhh!!!!

M0nica Sat 17-Nov-18 11:23:57

You should never underestimate the ignorance of some people. Although I doubt people who cannot do these things watch Nigella.

MawBroon Sat 17-Nov-18 11:25:47

But do weall know how to do it with a coquettish flick of the hair, a suggestive finger lick and an air of mystey?

Buffybee Sat 17-Nov-18 11:30:16

Hahaha! Maw!

GillT57 Sat 17-Nov-18 11:35:33

Exactly maw. I must practice my coquettish lick of my wooden spoon. Mind you, watching what she gets paid to do, I feel quite proud of what I produce for breakfast. Fried tomatoes and fried bread......pah.....humbug,

Jalima1108 Sat 17-Nov-18 13:10:15

Do you remember when Delia started with the basics GillT57?
She showed people how to boil eggs, using white eggs and there was a sudden rush to the shops by people searching for white eggs! So lots of people were practising boiling eggs.
I must confess that I'm not very good at boiling eggs blush

Iam64 Sat 17-Nov-18 13:55:02

Love your comment Maw, wish I had hair to flick, I might give it a try (no I wouldn't, CBA)

Anyway - as Jalima says, when Delia started her basic advice, it seemed to help a lot of people.

I know this is a common complaint on Gransnet but, we should never forget that many children are growing up with parents who don't know or won't cook. Children are no longer introduced to what used to be called Domestic Science in the way we were. At 11, I was taught to boil and egg and make some toast, as well as a pot of tea in my first DS lesson. We progressed to making cakes and stews in the lessons as we progressed from year 1 to year 5. One thing I never used again was the How to Souse a Herring lesson.

Jalima1108 Sat 17-Nov-18 14:08:52

I don't have long enough hair to flick and, if I did stand there trying to flick mine, the family would be asking if I had a twitch, an irritating fly around me or complaining that it's not very hygienic to do that around food.

I never did Domestic Science, perhaps that's why I can't boil eggs grin

trisher Sat 17-Nov-18 14:21:00

I have it on good authority that the only bit Nigella really does is the finger-licking, hair flicking. Everything else is done by some low paid assistant. Watch carefully you never see a shot of her actually doing anything, sometimes a brief close up of her hands but nothng else. So it's not actually even simple cooking she gets paid for!

EllanVannin Sat 17-Nov-18 14:31:44

I wouldn't be eating anything made by someone who's been flicking their hair about-----makes me gag at the thought. It should at least be tied back.
I've always loved cooking/baking as do my D's and GD for her brood. Good fresh plain food and like many here had Domestic Science at school which stood you in good stead for the following years.

Kittye Sat 17-Nov-18 14:58:07

Ellan I remember domestic science at school. I remember the teacher making us scrub the wooden tops " scrub the way of the grain girls, scrub the way of the grain!! " don't remember much else.
I used to wish I could do woodwork or metalwork with the boys ?

GillT57 Sat 17-Nov-18 15:06:13

I appreciate the comments regarding basic cookery and for the record I am s big fan of Delia, but this was not about basics it was just an indulgent showcase for Nigella. I too heard that she doesn't do the cooking and the so called delighted friends around her sumptuous table are in fact actors. It is possibly a bit irrational, but I found it lazy and a tad supercilious

trisher Sat 17-Nov-18 15:10:32

EllanVannin Tie her hair back !!! Shock horror! Next thing you'll be asking her to cover up her cleavage.

Welshwife Sat 17-Nov-18 15:21:58

I bought the books about the basic cooking - Delia- and there is a lot of readable extra information in them about various foods to use. You can now get the series of three in one volume - I bought one for DGD when she set up house.

Floradora9 Sat 17-Nov-18 15:55:30

I am a member of a lot of different forums on facebook which are about cooking hints and money saving. I am constantly amazed by people asking how you make soup and stew and easy things like that . They do not know where to start. What did their mothers cook for them ?

EllanVannin Sat 17-Nov-18 16:21:18

Trisher would you go to a restaurant f you saw the chef's hair dangling over the soup ?
I wouldn't care if the woman was nude so long as her hair wasn't hanging precariously near the food.

pensionpat Sat 17-Nov-18 16:30:43

Nigella is not trying to help people to cook. She is promoting herself by being suggestive. She is watchable however, and I envy her the larder, overflowing with all kinds of food. I did read that this is not her own kitchen but a replica used for filming. She has a long walk to her fridge in the middle of the night though!

Nonnie Sat 17-Nov-18 16:38:42

A couple of years ago I was talking to the head of a boarding school which was about to open a kitchen to share with a local state school to teach the 6th formers how to cook. I suggested that perhaps it was the parents' job to do that and they told me that most of their students didn't even know how to make a cup of tea!

trisher Sat 17-Nov-18 17:06:08

EllenVannin she isn't the chef!! Her whole purpose is to flick her hair, lick her fingers and flash her cleavage. It's food porn, nothing to do with real cooking.

EllanVannin Sat 17-Nov-18 18:06:00


Blondiescot Sat 17-Nov-18 18:08:47

EllenVannin, it's a good job you can't see behind the scenes at many restaurants or someone like you would never eat out!