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Feeling really upset

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sazz1 Wed 26-Dec-18 00:58:39

My cousin and his girlfriend parted last spring. It was not an amicable parting as lots of hatred on both sides. We took him in as he had nowhere else to go. She has refused to let him see their 3 yr old since they parted. Well the little ones birthday was in the summer so we took a present and card. They were out so I text her that I'd left it in a safe place and she replied Thank you.
Xmas Eve me and DH called round and knocked to deliver a present and card as we do every year. TV was on and lights but she didn't answer the door. We left presents in a safe place and text her again to tell her. Then I found out she had sent my niece a message (She gets on well with her) saying "what the hell do me and OH think we're doing banging her door down and leaving stuff in her garden. Actually we just knocked normally. Feel really upset by it as I always buy presents for all the kids in the family (20 kids) and couldn't leave him out. Cousin has moved out now and is with new partner but has applied to court for access. What do others think would it upset you or am I being sensitive?

stella1949 Wed 26-Dec-18 01:09:06

In this case, maybe if you just put the gift in the mail ? This woman is determined to find fault with what you do, so don't provoke problems by going into her garden and knocking on her door.

Grandma2213 Wed 26-Dec-18 01:18:25

Of course it upsets you if she is so unpleasant when you are trying to be kind. It wouldn't be fair to comment on the relationship between her and your cousin as no one can really know about what occurred but I have experienced so many women who refuse to let ex partners see their children (and one man). This is so cruel and even when taken to court some of them have made untrue allegations! One man I have known since he was a child as a kind and gentle soul was almost broken by this and now only has limited access to his son. It is so sad for the children involved and I worry about their mental health in the future. Let's hope she was just having a bad day when you called and that she calms down as time passes. Good luck to you.